A philosopher and adventurer.

André, philosopher and adventurer.

              I want to do extraordinary things,
              and help others do them.
              I want to feel what the epic heroes felt 
              Even when they were scared.


Your Rogue Priest

I’m André, your rogue priest. I’m a writer, a philosopher, and a professional adventurer.

I write about travel—my own personal travels and the great human call to seek meaning through journey.

For me, adventure is a life practice, a tool for challenging yourself beyond your limit. To adventure is not just to discover who you are, but to re-create what you find.

My Work

Often, people ask: “Are you a real priest?” I am. But not the kind you’re thinking.

I’m a polytheist priest. That means I recognize many faces of the divine, and I admit I do not know what the divine is. There is a force that moves us, and it appears in many ways. That is beautiful. I respect it.

However, I don’t have a sense of faith. That divine “force” may not even be real outside our own heads. And the gods do not answer wishes for those who pray. We must rely very much on our own skill in this wonderful, sacred, dangerous world.

For two years I’ve traveled on my Great Adventure, putting my dearest beliefs to the test. 

Here’s how it happened.

  • At age 14 I began to follow the gods of nature. I never expected I would become their priest.
  • At 17 I wanted to learn to fly planes. My dad convinced me to study philosophy instead. He worked at a coal plant and wanted his kids get educated. He’s a smart guy.
  • At 20 I had my first adventure. I led a field study of possible stone circles on an island in Lake Michigan. For seven weeks we camped in a swamp, blistered in the sun, and shivered in the rain. We found no stone circles. I learned how to lead, and I knew my life would be one of adventure.
  • At 22 I founded Temple of the River in Minneapolis. The man I looked up to as my spiritual teacher betrayed me. It was the most crushing experience of my life, but with the encouragement of my students I continued to run the Temple successfully.
  • In 2006 I lived with hunter gatherers. My purpose was to learn to exist in the wild. Everything I thought I knew about nature was radically redefined. I discovered that it is possible to live comfortably with nothing.
  • I began to question the value of a sedentary life. The freedom and challenge of the open trail called to me.
  • In 2010, walking on a broken ankle, I went into retreat and rewrote the heart of my teachings. The purpose of spirituality is to challenge and transform the individual. Humans are capable of extraordinary things. I want to do those extraordinary things, and help others do them. I want to feel what the epic heroes felt—even when they were scared.
  • In 2011 I walked away from everything I knew to put my ideas to the test.

Now I travel, trying to understand the Heroic Life and determined to meet the gods.


I like it when you write. You can reach me at drew@roguepriest.net. I take a while to respond, but I will.

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I make my living writing and as a priest. If you want to help, you can get my new book, or request a Vodou veve.