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Why My First Book Will Be No More

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Imagine knowing exactly what spirituality is.

Picture a world where it doesn’t come from scripture, church, or doctrine. A world where it doesn’t come from what your parents told you, or your pastor.

Imagine a version of yourself with a calm, self-assured confidence that comes from experiencing the sacred firsthand.

You can have that experience.

These words open my first ever ever book, Walk Like a God. They were written two months before I deployed.

Rich in photos, Walk Like a God expresses a way of spirituality that doesn’t follow religion. It roots the spiritual search in the act of challenging yourself, and the simple practice of walking.

It’s a love song to the natural world, to the human spirit, and to our ability to find our own way without doctrine.

And on Sunday, Walk Like a God will no longer be available.


Authors change.

In the paper-laden past, books went out of print. If all copies sold they became hard to find. Only a huge demand could conjure more.

In the digital realm authors can ride a product forever. But I don’t want to. I’m no longer the person who wrote Walk Like a God. My journey changes me, and I want my work to change too.

Digital publishing is supposed to free writers from a corporate mentality. So instead of selling and selling till the sales run dry, I’m taking it off the shelf.

I want to be clear: I still think Walk Like a God is a great book. I’m proud of it, and when I read back through it I still feel happy with what it teaches.

So you have a little time left.

Whether you’ve been putting it off, just heard of it, or simply want to have a “complete” Rogue Priest collection:

grab Walk Like a God here

But only through 11/11/2012. At the end of Sunday, it’s gone.

Many thanks to everyone who bought, read, enjoyed, or reviewed my first book. The big question is: what do you want in my next book on spirituality?

Spotlight, Walk Like a God

An Unexpected Review

I’ve long been a fan of Niall Doherty. Niall writes the blog Disrupting the Rabblement. He defines rabble as:

  • Watching TV regularly
  • Eating lots of processed food
  • Not reading actual books
  • Working an unfulfilling job
  • Buying lots of useless crap
  • Not exercising regularly
  • Obsessing about celebrities
  • Lack of focus
  • Not offending anybody

And he makes a damn good case for a different way of life, one he’s out living himself. I consider him one of the leading lifestyle design bloggers.

You can imagine my titillation, then, when he decided to review my book Walk Like a God.

(Actually, the titillation first began when I saw that he’d purchased it—I had no idea that he’d be reviewing it, and I never asked him to.)

Niall managed to pull out some of my favorite lines from the book. He compared it to his own religious upbringing and his current beliefs. Seeing how someone applies the ideas of adventure-as-spiritual-practice to their own life is eye opening. As an author it’s rare to see how people actually take my words.

You can see Niall’s review here, along with the rest of his blog and his great free how-to Manifesto. His goal: to piss off zombies. It’s really worth a look.

Adventure, Religion, Walk Like a God

Now Available: Walk Like a God

Are you ready to develop your spirituality?

You Can Launch a Spiritual Journey Without Scripture or Dogma

Discover a deep sense of connection through real, firsthand experiences.

When I was young I went to church with my family but I didn’t feel anything. I knew that church was supposed to have some greater meaning—but it just seemed like going through the motions.

As I grew older I launched a spiritual quest. I studied with many great teachers and learned how to seize command of my own spirituality. I developed a daily meditation practice and began teaching others.

Since then I’ve taught hundreds of people how to discover and feel their own sense of spiritual connection through simple, natural practices. My belief is that spirituality should be a personal journey, driven by the individual. Each and every individual has the ability to connect with the spiritual.

I’ve found that most people don’t know how to seek out those moments, how to call upon them at will, how to meet the divine—but it isn’t hard.

That was my reason for writing Walk Like a God. Walk Like a God is a how-to, offering real strategies to take glimpses of spirituality and bring them to life. It will help you find spiritual experiences and connect to them without doctrine, church or scripture. It is a practical book, for thoughtful types.

Excerpts are available here.

Walk Like a God is already changing lives

Tessa Zeng, author of Change Creation, says:

You need this book. The world at large, coincidentally, also needs this book.

…The content steps gracefully through tricky subjects like religious upbringing and the role churches play in spiritual experience. It eclipses the stumbling blocks that often prevent us from navigating complex belief structures, and offers a clear, simple grounding for empowering your personal beliefs.

This is a book on spirituality, but even more so, it’s a book about deep compassion for yourself and the world around you. It’s for anyone looking to live (and walk) more mindfully, create change in the world, or looking to more fully embody his/her own humanity.

The reason Walk Like a God is effective is that it contains actual hands-on techniques you can use, solidly grounded in the experience of the hundreds of students, beginners, and skeptics I’ve worked with. This is not a book of vague sayings or motivational phrases. It’s a field guide to meeting the gods.

The strategies in Walk Like a God will:

  • Help you find your own moments of wonder
  • Redefine everything you were taught about religion
  • Encourage you to draw your own conclusions
  • Show you how to take action to do what matters to you
  • Give you the tools to use spirituality to change your life (and the world)

Walk Like a God is an 86 page ebook in .pdf format. Its gentle, wide-open layout makes reading inviting. It also includes an appendix with one-page recaps of all the strategies, to make it a user friendly reference.

Walk Like a God is now available for US $8. I’ve crafted this book very carefully because I want it to change lives. I invite you to be one of them, and I’m proud to stand beside you on your spiritual adventure.

Edit: Walk Like a God is now out of print. Thank you to everyone who supported it and bought a copy while it was available!