Great Adventure

I’m walking/biking 8,000 miles.

I don’t believe in philosophy without action. My journey will test my beliefs, my hopes, my ideas. The goal: to meet the gods.

How it Began

When I first started Rogue Priest, I wrote:

My goal is to travel the world, learn as much about myself as I can, and help people in any way I can… as I travel into other countries, into areas that may be impoverished or politically unstable, my goal is to do more than just get by. To be more than a visitor or an NGO worker. I want to truly meet people along the way, to work beside them and live with them, to look into their eyes and meet the gods we carry with us.

So let’s do it.

I quit my job, left my temple and my home city, and began to travel. My travels were not aimless, they were preparation. I focused on my physical fitness, on speaking Spanish, and on learning how to make a living as a writer on the road.

I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.

I’m going from the start of the Mississippi to the end of the Amazon, crossing two continents under my own power. 

(Note: So far I have made it as far as New Orleans, Louisiana, about 1700 miles in.)


We studied South America in World History class when I was 12. I can still see the picture at the beginning of the chapter, a giant waterfall in the Amazon. I always knew I would travel across Latin America someday.

In college I decided I would walk there, because that will let me travel slowly. I want to get to know people and communities—and the land. I want to live immersively, not as a tourist.

After college I put off my dream. I worked hard for good causes—my temple, a variety of nonprofits, and an amazing art museum. I felt fulfilled by these activities, but I also felt my dream slipping away. It wasn’t the same thing as living gloriously, following the example of the great heroes, and traveling freely to change myself and the world. It’s time to do that now.

I believe that walking across the United States, Mexico, Central America and South America will provide me with plenty of opportunities to live that way. Maybe I truly can make a difference in our world.

I am a philosopher-adventurer, and this is my thesis. Does travel change the mind? Does adventure expand personal limits? Does living for high ideals, following your purpose, and doing amazing things lead to a life of bravery and joy—and inspiring others?

I’m going to find out. I’m going to live it, so no one can say it’s impossible.

How to Get Involved

I merrily invite all readers to join me on the journey, either in person or by following my travels through Rogue Priest.

If you like what I do and would like to support the walk, here are some ways you can help:

43 thoughts on “Great Adventure

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    • Hi Sandra, thank you so much for posting and sorry for the slow reply :) It looks like Rutlege is only about a 1 day walk out of my way so I might just do that! Looks very interesting on the web site.

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  13. Reading this made me think of two people I know who you would enjoy knowing. Dr. Ed Chasteen of Hate Busters in Liberty, MO. He once biked across the US and relied totally on the hospitality of others, much like Peace Pilgrim did. I’m sure you know her story? And then my good friend Daniel Hickey. He grew up in Recife which appears to be your “final” destination on this route to Brazil. He has finally returned to Brasil to live, and has met and married the girl of his dreams. You can find both of them via fb in my friends list. This all sounds so exciting.

  14. Dave Scallon says:

    Hey, How is it going, been a couple of Months. I will offer up my prayers for you.

    Take care, May Lugh guide and protect you.


    • Thank you Dave! I just completed my pre-trip to start learning Spanish. So far I’ve managed to make things work – thank you for your encouragement. It means a lot, each and every time.

  15. Blessed be! I am impressed and intimidated :) I’m at one of those points at life when it is time to create something new, always an intense endeavor. I’m looking forward to reading along with you on your journey. Best wishes, Meg

  16. Beatriz says:

    Hello Drew. Find your blog by Humanistic Paganism. You deserve lots of aplause and incentive, because what you are doing requires a _lot_ of courage. I don’t have much money to support you but I want you to know that, in case you need translations to portuguese, you can find me here As a brazilian who never ever met the forest the whole world talk about it, maybe I’m not so much of a help, but the language I know, and little bits of our culture too, so e-mail if you need.
    Again, congratulations on your brave, mythical journey. One day I hope to be able to follow this footsteps.

    • Beatriz, thank you! This is a wonderful offer. I’ll eventually need to learn Portuguese.

      It sounds like you have thoughts of an adventure of your own… want to share? All adventures are welcome here, whether they’re like mine or not.

      • Beatriz says:

        Well, Drew, I want to have an adventure very much like yours, maybe including more europe and less america :D Right now I’m working on a plan to make a living on a computer. Once this is setled I’ll start planing the trip. I want to visit old temples of roman and celtic origin all over the old world, and yes, maybe find the gods there too.

        • That is amazing and very inspiring. I’m only partway up the mountain of internet freelance self-employment myself, but I’d like to help you get started in any way I can.

  17. Genevieve says:

    You sound like you are used to lots of layman style praise. You truly need to tone down your ego. You are not a Hollywood action hero, nor even a Bollywood or Nollywood one for that matter. Slumming through the U.S. in an idealized “trust fund style” manner, & mooching off day-shifters is one thing—doing so through Central America is an entirely different phenomenon—particularly with the Honduran / Nicaraguan seacoast route you’ve decided upon. You need much more than a smile in those parts…. Something tells me you’ll be e-mailing Mom & Dad for money too. While I don’t want to hear about your gringo ass getting maimed & killed, it would be good for you to get a little “black & blue” to knock you out of this little delusion you are immersed in, Mr. Professor Doctor, “Rogue Priest”. Good Luck, at least you’re trying, which is more than most people can say.

  18. Ed Royster says:

    Just found the site will be following I believe there is within us the desire to know. but the tools that we use prevent us from learning traditional methods of learning about self life and God do not provide real insight into the human experience One size does not fit all will foll

  19. Kellen Slaski says:

    Hi Drew, I’m from South Brazilmy hometown is Porto Alegre,I saw that I plan to stop in Recife but if you would like to extend your trip tithe south, you are more welcome to stay at my house. You inspired me to go out there and meet the world, after I finish college I might do something that would help me to understand myself better and help others! I am open for ideas! What’s your location as 8/24/12?? Be safe!

    • Bom dia Kellen! I’m glad you found me here. As of 8/24 I am on a family farm outside Melrose, Wisconsin, USA.

      When I get to Brazil I have no idea what exactly I’ll do but I’ll almost certainly explore around the country and meet people. I’d be honored to visit you!! When do you finish college? There are many ways to go out and challenge yourself and, of course, you are welcome to come join me on the Adventure if you like.

    • Tony I enjoyed meeting you too! Thank you so much for your help. Bicycling is an art form that I’m slowly learning. Every time I think I know what I’m doing I find out how much more there is to learn. What a beautiful way to travel.

  20. yash says:

    hey drew….
    my name is yash sharma…from india.
    i want great adventure jobs like travel into all country… nd get knowledge of nature after give all country people… im passionate for this job….
    I like adventure job…
    so pls give me sime advise

    • Hi Yash. Are you related to Sushi Sharma in MN, by any chance?

      I’m happy to provide ideas and advice, but I’d need to know more details. What kind of work do you want to do internationally?

  21. Dalton Ramirez says:

    I don’t know who you are, but I can’t help but absorb knowledge. I have big dreams. One of them, changing the world…for the greater good. I’m 18. And I’m gonna sleep outside tonight, somewhere on the street. My fears keep creeping into my mind, but I’m on a mission to set it free! So I have no choice. Seeing as you may have no choice either but To see your journey through, so I must see mine. Good luck amigo. Much love

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