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The Righteousness of Doubt

For everyone is looking for a little mid-week Rogue Priest love, head on over to The Righteousness of Doubt, an essay I wrote as a guest post for Headwaters/Delta Interfaith.

The essay is about how faithless religious practices can deliver better results than anything faith-based. Wanna know more? You’ll have to read it for yourself! Clicky.



One thought on “The Righteousness of Doubt

  1. “The answer is always no.”

    Surely I didn’t tell you that ;) For me, love/belief and intellectual/belief are two entirely separate things. It is not that there is “more to it”. I only intellectually believe something if I actually know it- like that light travels faster than sound. Thusly, I intellectually/believe the universe/God exists. Before I realized that the universe exists, I still had love/belief and that was fine. If someone does not have intellectual/belief, but still practices love/belief, that is still belief and faith. They do not need the latter. It is just handy. It is just that, having both, one realizes where one’s love applies. That is all. Everyone finds it in their own time, I expect. The fact that I know the universe exists has little bearing upon that I love, though.

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