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Like/Don’t Like 20-Year-Olds

Things I Like about 20 Year Olds

  • They’ll hang out in alleys, behind buildings or just wherever
  • That bouncy stride the guys have when they walk
  • A special brand of confidence because life hasn’t burned them yet
  • How reckless they are with their lives
  • The look they get when something is awesome
  • How they dress to go out
  • The inherent assumption that business formal is bullshit
  • Their enthusiasm for sex
  • Any development in their love lives is world-consuming
  • The complete social acceptability of drunken fiascos
  • The attitude that comes from having no money and little reputation

Things I Don’t Like about 20 Year Olds

  • They seldom take the long view on the “burning bridges” quandary
  • They haven’t seen enough 80s sci fi movies
  • They will abandon priorities easily


20 Year Olds Are Awesome



9 thoughts on “Like/Don’t Like 20-Year-Olds

  1. I move “Any development in their love lives is world-consuming” and “The complete social acceptability of drunken fiascos” into the OTHER category, but then, I’m over 30.

    I certainly hated those two when I WAS 20!

  2. Joel says:

    Ahh, the resiliency of ignorance. Powerful, Life hasn’t beat them down enough for them to have too much cynicism.

  3. Hey! Who abandons priorities easily?!

    …and business formal IS bullshit. That’s my verdict rather than assumption, but it’s an inherent component of the flawed system, yes :)

    • Are you 20? Now I like this post even more :P

      Honestly though it was observations I’ve had going through my head for a couple of months. I had a longer list but some seemed redundant.

  4. Joel Ray says:

    Old Man comment coming online!: If I were 20 again, I’d do it all different, except the sex, well that would be very different too, I’d be much less discriminating and much more adventurous.

    • Ha, I hear you my friend. I think I’m going to do my 20s over in my 30s, but this time with less marriage and way more adventure. Not so bold as to say I’ll “do it right this time” but I’d like to at least improve my grade.

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