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Thursday Link Love

Today I want to offer you two great pieces by a man I truly admire, Matt Langdon. I’ve talked before about Matt’s great work teaching kids how to be heroes, but if you’ve never checked out his blog this is your chance for some truly above and beyond posts.

These pieces dovetail nicely with the recent discussions here on Rogue Priest, and I hope you enjoy…

The Hero Is Prepared:

Part I

Part II

As a bonus, B.T. Newberg of Humanistic Paganism just put up a piece about the excursion he and I are taking with our friend Urban.

So a polytheist, a Voodoo priest, and a Humanist walk into the woods…


In a few hours I’ll be heading off to the wilds with them, and won’t be back until the Big Announcement on Monday. See you then!


4 thoughts on “Thursday Link Love

  1. You’re getting married? No….. You’re moving to Ireland? Starting a reality show on modern heroes and heroic techniques? (I’d watch that, by the way.) You’re merging with another blogger? Oh the ideas are endless!

  2. To be frank, when people talk about a Big Change That Changes Everything, all I can think of is either a religious conversion, or a sex change.


    Good luck, either way.

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