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Encounters in Nature: the Complete eBook

I frequently link to the great discussions over at Humanistic Paganism, and the reason for that is simple: editor B.T. Newberg is a sage in the making. He’s also a friend in the offline world, and we frequently meet for conversation over Vietnamese coffee.  When this guy talks, I listen.

And I scheme.

What if, I thought, I could get B.T. alone with Urban Haas and listen to the conversation?Would my head asplode? Would history be rewritten? Probably not quite, but I knew the result would be epic.

A few weeks ago, my dream came true when B.T. and I piled into Urban’s hybrid SUV and drove five hours to a secluded cabin. We spent three days having some of the best conversation I’ve ever experienced. It was like the fine wine of waxing philosophic. If it was up to me I’d have drank the whole bottle.

Luckily B.T. has more vision than that, and as we settled around the campfire one night he pulled out an array of recording equipment and primed us for more than an hour of unedited, uncensored frank conversation about nature through the lenses of our three spiritual paths.

An houngan (Vodou priest), a Humanistic Pagan, and your Rogue Priest gathered around one mic. What were the results? B.T. has been releasing them in 15-minute segments over the last week or so. And now, he’s gone a step further.

B.T., Urban, and Drew. We are sober, just sunburned.

Encounters in Nature is now a complete ebook offered through Humanistic Paganism. It features a full transcript of the conversation, with links to the audio if you’d rather listen than read. The pages are packed with amazing pictures Brandon took during our trip, and he bookends the conversation with a killer introduction and a pile of bonus content.

This ebook just went live, and is currently offered for free. Snag your copy by clicking here, and show B.T. a little love by passing it on to others. Please tweet or share this post and let the world know!


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