The Grueling 3-Hour Workday

Edit: This post grossly misrepresents what my early self-employed work life was like. I’ll be addressing that in a more detailed post soon.

If I had known it was easy, I’d have quit my job years ago.

I’ve written before about Location Rebel, a mentoring program that teaches you how to work online so that you don’t need a conventional job. I joined the inaugural (trial) class of Location Rebel back in July, but because I was so busy with my then-job I didn’t spend much time with it.

Until September 1.

Once I took the big leap and quit my job, I had plenty of time to soak up instruction and put it into practice. I didn’t really know what to expect – would I start making money right away? Would it take months of struggling? Would this be pie in the sky?

Well, just two weeks since I started, I can say this program is a success. It’s not often that I will plug someone’s product here on Rogue Priest, but I’m extremely impressed with everything Sean Ogle, LR’s founder, has put together. I wish it had existed earlier.

The basic format of Location Rebel is that there are seven different “blueprints” for ways to earn money online. That means actual paying work, not network marketing schemes. Each blueprint contains an interview with someone who does it for a living, detailed instruction for each of the skills you’ll need to do it, info on how to get started, and a forum where you can ask questions and share ideas. The cost to join is US $297 and you can work on one or all of the blueprints.

The blueprints range from things that require some creativity, like advertising, to things that literally anyone can just start doing immediately, like professional SEO (search engine optimization) writing. Some are very technical and others are easy. But they all seem well written and I feel like I’m in good hands.

To me, the real test was whether I would actually make money. I was very skeptical of Sean’s guarantee. But as of yesterday I am officially making enough income to pay the bills. On average, I work 3 hours a day. I sit down at a coffee house or malt shop of my choosing, pull out my laptop, and work.

Can you imagine if that was your job?

I’m still glad I worked to save up months and months of income. It was smart, becauseI didn’t know what I’d be getting into after I left. But as it turns out I’m able to support myself just two weeks after taking the plunge. I don’t think I’d be able to do it – at least not that quickly – if I didn’t have access to Location Rebel.

If working from anywhere isn’t your thing, no worries. We’ll be back to talk of adventure and spirituality in no time. But I’m guessing some of you are working jobs you hate, or you want to travel more, or you just wish you had more time for your family and friends.

If that’s the case, consider adding Location Rebel to your toolkit. I’ve spent hundreds of hours looking at the best way to go location independent, and I haven’t found a better product yet.

Click here to check out Location Rebel

Monday’s post will get back to my prep for the Great Adventure – specifically, what my Sensei said when he found out I’m walking to Brazil.

Anyone want to guess?


20 thoughts on “The Grueling 3-Hour Workday

  1. Haha. Well, the $1000 guarantee is lowballing it, in my opinion. I’m on track to make more than that my first month (thank goodness). All of the featured entrepereneurs in the blueprints make more than that. I think it’s a fair promise to make someone just starting out, but I would expect that as you get past the learning curve you will make significantly more.

    To put it in perspective, I would like to make a minimum of $30k/year as a self-employed freelancer. That is still a big cut from when I had a full time job, but it’s enough to live comfortably on for one person with simple tastes (especially in Mexico). If I make more, great….

  2. Jack says:


    Great post, I’m retired now but if I weren’t this would be tempting! I think too you could focus on living well on little money. I know you do that already and you’re a minimalist so I think you could take it to some pretty fantastic levels. I’m a block from the beach in Hawaii living on $12,000 a year myself. :)

    Keep up the great work and safe journey my young friend.


  3. Jack says:


    It wouldn’t let me reply directly so I’m just making a new post:

    I definitely believe in the power of hospitality, especially for strangers. It’s how I managed to get from the Ukraine to the UK and eventually America. I’m afraid though that my 78 years are catching up with me, you see I just had a minor stroke about a month ago.

    Everything is all right for the moment and I’ve managed to retain the overwhelming majority of my motor function, just not feeling up to guests for a while and my physicians are being busybody’s. Other than that, just kicking back on the beach enjoying life where ever it takes me.

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  6. LaDawn says:

    Is this really a good system that actually works? The only reviews I’ve ever been able to find for Location Rebel were written by friends of Sean Ogle, so I’ve been skeptical. It sounds very appealing, especially since I’ve been desperately looking for a job for 3 years with no luck. How great it would be to turn that search time into time earning money, but it is a hefty price tag for someone with no income.

    • LaDawn, I will personally attest that Location Rebel works quite well. I wouldn’t say I am a close friend of Sean’s, but I did meet him in person and looked forward to the launch of LR. To be totally transparent, I also get an affiliate commission when someone clicks my link and signs up, so I am biased.

      That said, most of my money does not come come from affiliate sales. LR offers 9 blueprints (they just added a new one) that teach you how to do 9 different kinds of paying work online. I chose to focus on SEO article writing. I earn between $20-40 an hour writing articles right now, which has allowed me to move around the US, then to Thailand and soon to Mexico. I earn this reliably every week.

      It took me a few months to really get off the ground, and I am still building up my client portfolio so I am a little more comfortable, but I am making a living and I feel good recommending it.

      If you do decide to join, I’d love it if you use my affiliate link. If you don’t, no worries :) Either way I hope the info helps!

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