Pull Up a Chair

There’s been a big surge of new readers here at Rogue Priest. Is that you? Pull up a chair and tell me about yourself. I like to get to know you guys: what brought you here, what you like and don’t like, and what your dreams are.

I can start off if you want. If you have questions about me, the heroic life, or the journey I’m undertaking, fire away.

A few posts that might help:

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A Heroic Life: The Blueprint (this is the lifestyle I’ve chosen to live)

Please, tell me a little about yourself. How are you making your dreams a reality? What is your purpose in life? Leave a comment and share with us. And welcome to this community—I’m honored to be your Rogue Priest.


4 thoughts on “Pull Up a Chair

  1. First of all, Drew, I want to tell you that you’ve always been an inspiration to me. Way before you announced any kind of great adventure, or even considered yourself a priest, I saw in you the potential for heroism. Friends called me crazy for that and now I’m proud to see you’ve proven me right! You are actively living The Heroic Life and pursuing your dreams AND that inspires me now to get off my butt to do the same.

    You already know me, yet we haven’t had a visit in a long while, so I’ll put a few of my views in a nutshell for pondering purposes, perhaps something to initiate a conversation we may have later.

    Turning 30 was an adventure for me as well. This was back in 2000. Like you, I longed for a life where I was doing MORE and not just reading about the heroic legends. I was stuck in a small city with little income and escaping my tiny world seemed impossible. Somehow I did it! Even though my adventures were not all that grand, I did prove to myself that I could live on the streets, sleep outside, and subsist on nearly nothing to survive. I made a living being something of a street performer, doing Tarot readings and playing up to curious crowds. Yet I couldn’t take the unstability for long.

    Now 40, I have done combat with diabetes and other health problems. For a long while I felt that I had abandoned my dream of living a fulfilling life as a Witch and artist. Yet what I didn’t realize was my battle was more of an internal one, one that would kill or set other people mad. I may not be actually fighting with sword and shield against monsters, but symbolically I have. And much of it I did completely on my lonesome. For the last seven years I have lived the life of a recluse, keeping close to nature and making friends with the wildlife all around me more than with people.

    In the last two years the Gods have blessed me with friends who have taken me on their travels! Without even praying or asking for it, they insisted I come with them to experience adventure. Last year I explored South Dakota and fell in love with Deadwood and the Badlands — two places that are so choc full of happy phantoms, the very air was buzzing with them and I walked about in the kind of daze you only feel when you first fall madly in love with a person.

    I also find adventure where ever I go, even at home! I don’t have to travel far to discover something new or wonderful. Having an attitude like this helps me be more aware, more on the look out, so I tend to notice the extraordinary other people are too numb to see. I am lucky to live next to Schmeekle Nature Reserve, a living out door classroom for UW — Stevens Point and sanctuary for local wildlife and plants. I walk through it everyday for exercise and to keep an eye on my “friends” and frequently volunteer taking care of the land. I know the director of the reserve. I know the animals there. The deer recognize me. So do the foxes. And a muskrat.

    My dream is to eventually be more active in my community as a “neighborhood witch” and perhaps someday be a counselor to Pagans and Witches who are dealing with mental illness. Yet I also want to travel more and conquer my anxieties, this means challenging myself each day to feel my fears and STILL do things anyway. I’ve learned that anxiety stems from the andrenline I feel from extreme anticipation, I literally quake from it! Better to quickly get past it and then “POOF!” it’s over.

    I also have dreams of getting my illustrations published. I’ve always been inspired by the golden age of illustration — the books I grew up with, the ones that I was allowed to read because they seemed “tame” and beautiful to my devout Christian mother, the books that kept me company for days in the public library were the ones about the Gods. Not just fairy stories. I was reading Beowulf and The Faerie Queene long before I was assigned to read them in college level literature courses. I would love to make a name for myself as an artist who brings the old Gods to “life” in books, or who draws them from her authentic visions as a Witch.

    Sorry, Drew, but I couldn’t resist leaving a long reply! I’m just SO excited about…. about EVERYTHING that I’m on the verge of manic happiness and zeal. The future is now. Adventure is everywhere. And it’s wonderful to share our experiences.

  2. Michael Wisniewski says:

    Hi Sugar!
    I found out about Your blog through One of my facebook Friends. I am interested in beliefs and various related things. Although i have trouble believing that there are god(s), goddess(es), true magic, ghosts, ufos, spirits, souls and so forth, i hope to one day be convinced through my own experience(s). Till then i keep an opened mind and heart and listen to the wisdom that Others generously share.
    Love, Light and Blessings,

    • Michael, glad to have you aboard Rogue Priest and thanks for taking the time to comment. I like your approach. As a priest I do not see belief as particularly important. It is best to abstain from strong belief for or against the unprovable, and focus on spiritual practices and their results.

  3. *waves* Hi Drew! I’m Sonne, I came over by way of Teo Bishop. My husband’s family is Scots-Irish and I work in an Irish community (Dublin, Ohio), so I’m really interested in learning more about your religious path! I’m a Witch, solitary and eclectic, with Hellenic reconstructionist leanings. My heritage is Dutch Christian Reformed, and I’ve carried my passion for theology, apologetics, and reason over into my Pagan life. I’m a progressive and a born debater, and I can get fairly pedantic when I get going, but I promise I don’t mean anything by it. I’m just easily impassioned. ;)

    I’m very much out of the broom closet and I try to be active in my community. I’m really interested in raising visibility to combat the stigma against Old World/Occult religious paths. I write fiction in my spare time and am a veteran tabletop gamer. I have an LJ (linked), two cats (one of whom is my familiar), and a four-year-old son who insists on sticking his nose into everything I do, magical or mundane.

    Nice to meet you.

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