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Why I Walk

This is why, this is why, this is why I walk.


7 thoughts on “Why I Walk

  1. Soliwo says:

    This is similar to why I do not go to the gymn. The main reason though is taht I find it boring. Both walking and running I do outside in the woods/fields. The only problem now is that it gets dark at 4.30 pm and it gets really cold, so it is nice to have some kind of indoor sport as well. Fortunately my boxing class is two streets away :)

  2. Soliwo says:

    One more remark. I really don’t get the driving to the gym. Don’t you Americans have bikes? I know I am Dutch and we are THE country of cyclists, but is it really normal to take the car to the gym? That is just such a foreign notion to me. Especially when the plan is to actually burn calories. Just take your bike to the gym, the supermarket and to your work place if it’s in a 10k radius. You’ll also save money on parking and gas.

    • By the way, just re-read this comment and it totally cracks me up. You are exactly right Soliwo. Driving to the gym is just weird. But no. Most Americans don’t bike anywhere… :.(

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