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Why to Join #HeroChat

Special announcement today:

Starting this Wednesday, and every Wednesday from here out, there will be a Hero Chat. You are cordially invited!

Why I’m on #HeroChat

If you’ve clicked over from HeroChat to read this, here are the bare bones to know about me.

  • I want to live a life like that of the ancient heroes of myth. To me that means living for big ideals, traveling freely, and constantly challenging myself. I call this philosophy the Heroic Life. You can read the basics here.
  • To start living this lifestyle, I am going to walk from the United States to Brazil. I call this walk the Great Adventure (there may be some bicycling, too). It starts June 2012. The purpose of the Great Adventure is to meet the gods somewhere along the way.
  • I quit my full-time job last year to do this. No, I’m not rich. I make money while traveling, using the internet, thanks to skills I learned on Location Rebel. I find this to be a comfortable level of income.
  • I am a priest. Specifically, a polytheist priest. I follow the gods of nature. I am not a master and I don’t know everything. I’m a journeyman, and my journey will help me master my art.
  • I believe heroism is emergent.

#HeroChat is a venue for anyone who wants to understand heroism or pursue heroism themselves. The chat is open to people of many different interests and backgrounds—perhaps you have a literary take on heroism, or want to talk about someone who personally inspired you, or maybe you want to be more like a hero yourself. Each week we’ll start with a topic and go from there.

The hosts of #HeroChat have similarly diverse backgrounds. Chad Ellsworth (@BuildingHeroes) is committed to empowering men and women to heroic action through a commitment to personal values. Matt Langdon (@theherocc) uses the framework of Joseph Campbell’s “hero’s journey” to teach kids how to be heroes. And then there’s me, @rogue_priest, who lifts up my kilt and shakes my keester at Campbell (respectfully, of course). It’ll be a rollicking good time.

How to Join

This chat happens on Twitter every Wednesday at 9 pm CST. To join the discussion we recommend using a site like TweetChat.com to follow the hashtag #herochat, or just log onto Twitter and search #herochat there.

If you like, go a step further and create a page with a little background about yourself and what your interest is in #HeroChat. That way you can drop a link into the conversation to quickly introduce yourself.

Mine is at the top of this post.

Come on over and join us Wednesday evening! And please tweet and Facebook share this post so more people know about the chat.


5 thoughts on “Why to Join #HeroChat

  1. Soliwo says:

    Cool. Let’s see, 9 pm over there is … 4 am up here. Maybe not ;) Well … maybe next Wednesday, if I feel up to it after a movie marathon.

  2. I’d love to join but Twitter overwhelms me! Then again, I must be showing my age now because I really don’t understand Twitter… at all. You’ll have to forgive me. No matter, I do peek in from time to time on friends’ tweets, but the poor grammar and spelling mistakes kill me…. (grrrr!) Hope you understand. Just keep writing here, please! I love getting your perspective.

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