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Goals for Mexico City

Just as I did when I went to Thailand, I have some goals here in Mexico. I’ll be here for about 10 weeks total, or 2.5 months. One week is already down, and time’s not slowing.

So what do I need to get done here? Well…

Goals for Mexico City, 2012

  • Learn Spanish. This is the most important. I want to be functionally fluent when I sail away March 10. Immersion is a key part of this strategy, which means I need to stop speaking in English with my generous host and his friends. This week I’ll ask for an hour a day of English embargos. Eventually it will be whole days. Aside from immersion, I’m working on online Spanish lessons and arranging a tutor.
  • Bolster & expand my SEO income. Through Location Rebel I learned to write SEO articles and make good money doing it. I’ve made enough since September to get by, but I would like a higher income so I can develop a nest egg & buy gear for my Adventure. I plan on writing a longer post about finances & income soon, but for now I’ll keep it simple: the plan is to build up a stronger portfolio of clients. Prospecting is in my future.
  • Start my own business. A blog is not a business. Separate from Rogue Priest I will be launching my own lifestyle business over January and February. The purpose of my business is to share one of the most influential and life-changing forces in my own life: magic. I have unique views on the practice of traditional magic and I want to share and explore those views with like-minded people, while hand-making scrolls to embody this ancient art.

There are many other things I want to accomplish while I’m here. I want to keep practicing my jujutsu so my Sensei can be proud. I want to lose 15 pounds. I want to see my graphic novel move forward. I want to write more fiction. I want to redecorate Rogue Priest.

I could go on all day.

I’m a dreamer with endless ideas. Like many dreamers, I sometimes need to shut my idea-hole and get to work. Accomplishing one or two big things has lasting value; imagining fifty is just cheap therapy.

So, I’ve chosen these three things to focus on for January, February and half of March. If I can accomplish this much I’ll feel good about the time I spent here. I’ll know that I’m working hard even with no boss to push me, and that I’m being responsible toward making a living and contributing something to the world. And that’s a big deal.


12 thoughts on “Goals for Mexico City

  1. Impressive.
    My goals are to lost at least 30 pounds, or more. I am considering surgery to give me a jump start, but it won’t be bypass, it’ll be lap band, one that is reversible with less risk and not invasive. My goal last year was to get in control of my diabetes and I managed to succeed! How about that?
    My other goal is to gain more control of my emotions, continue belly dancing to an intermediate level, and finally learn to Sword dance!
    I am saving up for a scimitar.
    You and Urban inspired my sword choice.
    Lastly, I aim to get in touch with my inner kick ass woman. Well, not that extreme, but with Dialectical Behavioral Therapy I am gaining new assertive, clear, and logical communication skills that are helping me get to the point and ask for what I want directly. Yay.
    So look out world!

    • I’m rooting for you and your goals Val! I don’t know much about that kind of surgery. All I can say is be careful making that choice. Whatever route you go I know you can do it!

      • I am gaining ground and balance. I found an instructor willing to give me lessons for free on how to sword dance. But it is going to take a while. My goal now is to keep up the weight loss plan and avoid surgery as much as possible and keep it as a last resort. It was suggested by my doctors, not sure if it is right for me (any kind of surgery scares me). My belly is aching from all the undulations I’ve been doing. Yay.

        Can’t wait to read more about your experiences in Mexico!

  2. Whaaat your life sounds way too fun ;) so amazing that you’re traveling, Drew! I wish I could orient my goals by location, haha. That’s a goal in itself now that I’ve seen you do it! Right now I’m committed to (way) better self-care as an overall sort of goal, in order to support the other audacious moves I’m lining up (which I haven’t debuted on my own site so we’d better Skype.if you want to know! Hehe.)

    Anyway, love the concrete ambitions. A little perturbed by the idea-hole metaphor but can totally relate. Good luck with that new business! Sounds so intriguing… selling magic? Yes please (and ooh is that a new double entendre?)

    • Tessa! I’m glad you like the magic idea. Magic scrolls for all! It is going to be some powerful stuff.

      I’m very curious to hear what these secret moves of yours are… I’m back in your time zone, you know. Well…. almost :)

  3. I’m a dreamer with endless ideas. Like many dreamers, I sometimes need to shut my idea-hole and get to work.

    LOL, that is something I’m all too familiar with!

    I want to see my graphic novel move forward.

    I’d like to know more about this :)

    Anybody else working on personal goals at the moment? What’s your plan to GTD?

    I don’t know what ‘GTD’ is, and you already know my work on Ehoah. Which by the way now has a page on celebrating Nox (winter solstice), let me know what you think of it. The other goal I have is designing a passive home for myself and hopefully one day building it.

    I think Spanish will come easy enough for you. Although the fluent part may take more time than desired. Best of luck in your goals for Mexico!

  4. “I’m a dreamer with endless ideas. Like many dreamers, I sometimes need to shut my idea-hole and get to work. Accomplishing one or two big things has lasting value; imagining fifty is just cheap therapy.”

    Um, are you sure you’re not me? I can so relate to that, Drew, it’s no wonder we got along so well as friends. Heck, I still consider you one of my best-est of best friends!

    Cheap therapy? Yeah, I’m guilty, too. That’s why I’m up til 2:30am right now. I forgot to do dishes and even eat tonight because I was sketching out ideas.

    Speaking of ideas, I wanted to quickly add (before my ideas build up waaaaay too much here and before you know it you’ll have a butt-load of comments and messages from me that will be impossible for you to reply to in one sitting) that I absolutely LOVE your magic scroll idea. As you are well aware, magic is one of my life long passions as well. I am very curious about how that is going to work out. I can’t wait to read/see it unfold.

    Let me know if need a contribution from a solitary Witch (Me) who has too much time on her hands!

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