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How to Win a Free WDS Ticket

A little love from the World Domination Summit. Photo courtesy of Armosa Studios.

The greatest four days of my life were when I attended the World Domination Summit in June 2011. It wasn’t the speakers or the setting, though both were impressive. It was because I had never before been part of a group of such mind-breakingly remarkable people.

I think creatives, dreamers and philosophers often feel alone. We stand outside the pack, different than everyone else. We have to fight against the current.

For a few joyful days, the outsiders were the current. If inspiration were wine, this was the vineyard.

Now I want to bring you inside.

Golden Ticket

Last year I excitedly pre-booked my ticket for WDS 2012. I did this knowing full well that I wouldn’t be able to go. Gods willing, I’ll be on my 8,000 mile walk when the World Domination Summit convenes this year.

So I want to give it away.

Two weeks from now, on Friday, May 4, I will draw one lucky winner and give them my ticket. Their admission to this sold-out, world-changing event will be absolutely free.

There are some conditions (always, right?)—

  1. World Domination Summit 2012 happens July 6-8 in Portland, OR. Only enter if you can make it there on those dates.
  2. By entering the contest you agree not to sell the winning ticket.

Sounds Good, Give Me the Ticket

Sure thing. Here’s how you enter:

Publish a blog post on the topic: Why Adventure?

Link it to at least one page on Rogue Priest.

When it goes live, email me the link and your contact info. [Email info removed because contest is closed.]

What I’ll do:

  • Curate the entries and post links to all of them
  • Ignore any entries that come in after May 3 (CST)
  • Use a random selection method to draw and announce a winner May 4
  • Help the winner find lodging in Portland if needed

Adventure is a topic close to my heart. I consider it the ultimate spiritual practice. That’s why I want to highlight the dreams of others who adventure too (or want to). I can hardly wait to see what you write.

Adventurer or not, the contest is open to absolutely anybody. Even if you have very different views from me, if your post addresses the topic Why Adventure? it still counts.

I reserve the right to choose one favorite post and put it in the drawing twice. Other than that, it’s even odds for all entrants. Writing not your strong suit? Vlogs, photo essays and other styles of entry are welcome too.

Special thanks to WDS founder and chief executive rebel, Chris Guillebeau, for giving his blessing and encouragement to the contest. May the best adventurer win!

Please share, tweet and excitedly shout about this contest so more people know about it.


23 thoughts on “How to Win a Free WDS Ticket

  1. Awesome contest! I love the idea. Can I write a post for the contest, but remove my entry from the drawing? I already got my ticket to WDS this year :)

      • Hi Drew! How did we not meet at WDS2011 ? ? ? :|
        Love your 8000 mile epic walk coming up. What an inspiring quest!
        I have a similar question to Mitch, with a twist:
        My wife and I are both attending WDS this year. I’d like to write a post for your contest, and if I win I will donate the ticket to a friend who I think really needs to go. I’m a firm believer in anything’s possible…but in this case I have to ask you if it is? ;)

        • Hey Marvin! Your face looks familiar but you’re right, I don’t think we really met last year. Welcome to Rogue Priest :)

          So here’s my question – could your friend enter the contest directly? I really want to support someone who believes in adventure, so seeing your friend enter by writing their views on Why Adventure? would be awesome.

          Or is this meant as a surprise for them?

          • Hi Drew, thanks for responding. It would be a surprise gift. In any case, I will submit a post on why I believe in adventure. I leave it to the universe to determine whether my entry should be drawn, and up to your spiritual moment to decide at the appointed time on how to proceed. ;)

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