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Three Essays on Adventure

Afterparty at the World Domination Summit. Photo courtesy of Armosa Studios.

Last week I announced a contest to give away a coveted ticket to the infamous World Domination Summit. The contest is still going through May 3, and you should enter immediately by clicking here.

In case you need a little inspiration, here are the first entries. I posed the question, “Why Adventure?” and I’m really impressed by the passion behind people’s answers. Let’s see ’em:

Kandice Na’Te Cole

When we say yes to adventure, we are saying yes to something that has been lodged deep down inside of us. We say yes to a kick-ass life that we are creating on our own. We say yes to the hero’s journey.

Disrupting Adventure

Bridget Pilloud

We shared our stories. And when you can’t see people, in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere, with the Perseids, it’s a lot like a Quaker meeting. You gently choose stories that improve upon the silence. And there’s not much, under the Perseids, that does.

Why Adventure?

Mitchell Roth

(This is actually a non-entry. Mitch already has his WDS ticket, but he wanted to get in on the blog topic anyway. I wasn’t going to stand in his way!)

There was a time in your life when you were still figuring out the world every single day… When you take an adventure — whether traveling, reading a challenging book, attempting something new, or indulging in your art — you get to experience the wonder of childhood again and explore the unknown.

Why Adventure?

Does one of these resonate with you more than the others? What are your reasons for adventuring—or not adventuring?

L Days cover_front only_half size

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