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More Essays on Adventure

My contest to give away a ticket to the World Domination Summit goes on, and more great entries are gliding in! Each of the essays below reflects on person’s take on the question, “Why Adventure?” and the value that adventure brings to us as human beings.


Dancing at World Domination Summit 2011. Photo courtesy of Armosa Studios.

Stephanie Kelly

Excitement and change; most people would probably say they like the former, but not everyone likes the latter – and change is a crucial aspect of adventure. If you know what’s going to happen, or if you stay in one place, it’s not an adventure. If there’s nothing that takes you  out of your comfort zone, that requires a leap of faith, it’s not an adventure.

Why Adventure? on A Quiet Revolution

Eric Lunsford

In the end, success came for them not because they focused on the bottom line, are really good at getting together investors, or know how to make a sale… their success came from everything they learned on their adventure. If it wasn’t for the trips they took, they would have never been able to build what they have now.

5 Entrepreneurs Show How Traveling Guarantees Business Success

Julianne Kanzaki

No one ever regretted adventure, not even Aron Ralston, who had to amputate his own arm in the isolated canyon in Utah.

Why Adventure? on SwimBikeRun

Gregory Dsouza

Get out of the 9-5 and LIVE

Why Adventure? on Mindsightz

Marvin Abisia for Julianne

This one was entered on behalf of a friend to surprise her with the ticket. As it turns out she already entered on her own! What a bunch of go-getters

I’ve come to believe more and more that life was not meant to be lived within the confines and rules of a world designed by others.

To Find Out Who You Are, Go On An Adventure

The contest remains open through midnight tonight (CST). To read the other entries, go here. To enter the contest yourself (do it!), go here.

Does one of these takes really speak to you?


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