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Essays on Adventure: Final Round

Last night at midnight my contest officially closed. We’ve had many amazing people weigh in on the question, “Why Adventure?” but now it gets exciting. In this batch we have our first dissenting opinion, our first video response, and several people who make the case for everyday adventure over grandiose quests.

Ready for the final entries? Here they are!

Behind the gate at the World Domination Summit. Photo courtesy of Armosa Studios.


Because you can jump from a building, stop and pose for a photo, and land on your feet
Like a Superman with style.

Why Adventure? on Amazing Crazy World

Jennifer Miller

I’m actually a very routine individual. Or, at least I think I am. I make lists, I organize my time, I keep a schedule and I LOVE doing these things. But these things were not what made me love my life before. It was the unknown…

Why Adventure? on WLS

Erica Cosminsky

It was a very long drive… My opinion is that it’s only eight hours. We got to go and see things that many people will never get to see in their whole lives.

Why Adventure? on the Invisible Office

Benjamin Jenks

This one isn’t an entry, but it’s the only video response and a damn cool message. If this was an entry it might be my pick for favorite, solely for the “twinkle in the eye.” Bearded Yoda, indeed.

Why Adventure? on AdventureSauce

Alaia Williams

 I might not jump off bridges or eat body parts of animals that I don’t even want to think about – and that’s okay. I’ll take my adventure and new experiences in other ways, thanks.

Thoughts on Adventure

David Yakobovitch

This one isn’t an entry, but a response to the contest. Can adventure really be achieved through books, guides and a Summit of interesting people?

World Domination starts when you are ready.  Not when you attend World Domination Summit.

Why The $100 Startup Will Not Inspire Your Next Adventure

So, who’s the big winner?

I’m warming up my dice. The results will be revealed today at 5 pm CST right here at Rogue Priest.

Do you have a favorite? Remember, I can designate one entry to be put in the drawing twice, thus increasing its odds of winning. If you want to start making your case for someone, you only have a few hours. Hit the comments and convince me!

The other entries can be seen here and here.


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