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New Pages Up – Reviews Wanted

Recently I made long-overdue changes to Rogue Priest.

First off I changed the Heroic Life page. The new version gives a better overview, puts the philosophy in the context of my personal effort to live by it, and contains a selection of links to the best posts about it. Check it out here:

The Heroic Life

What do you think? Are there other favorite posts you wish were on the list there?

Secondly I did a complete rewrite of the Great Adventure page. I took off outdated info, tightened up the language and the focus, and aimed to make it clear what the reason behind the Adventure is. Scopify:

The Great Adventure

Does this page tell the story of the Great Adventure well? Does it leave you scratching your head anywhere? Are there questions it leaves you asking?


6 thoughts on “New Pages Up – Reviews Wanted

  1. Everything seems to be well covered and the organization refined. I look forward to the updated map, however. That information is forthcoming, as you indicated, so I’ll hold my comments until then. I would very much like to know more of the practical details, not just the ideals.

      • Good question. The meat of the story is in the details. On the main GA page it would be a good link to an on-going feature on your blog. Or even a series of posts covering a specific detail, like bike repair, or like how food rations are going, etc. I know you will be featuring personal details in your confessional journal, but for your public blog I think it would be nice to let others in on how you’re following up your ideals with realness. Is that more clear?

        • Arden says:

          This is more or less what I was going to add– I think a lot of people will really appreciate the technical details. Not necessarily spreadsheets and finances, but posts like the ones you’re doing on shoes. Gear, how you’re keeping your laptop out of the rain… the little things From a storytelling perspective, that sort of thing really cements that you’re really actually doing this, and gives us a picture of what you’re struggling with on a day-to-day basis. And it’s inspiration for those of us who’d like to do something similar someday :)

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