The Great Adventure, The Heroic Life

Unvaliant Struggle

It smelled like summer for the first time. March had smelled like autumn or winter, some of April even smelled like spring. But that day smelled like grass and bugs and the oil of life. Before the rain hit I went for a walk.

While walking I chanced by a moth. Wounded. He was in the street near the edge, and crawling for his life to the gravel shoulder. I crouched, squinted at him, then went on.

Along my return I spotted the fellow again. He had made it to the shoulder! And no ants had eaten him, yet. Seeing his little victory I was full of glee and I laughed. I walked on.

Then I knew: when you are in the Amazon, you will be the moth, Rogue Priest. All the world will be indifferent to you. And if you fall in a valiant struggle, you too will be laughed at.

And the indifferent creatures will continue their own unvaliant struggle,

And the indifferent will continue their struggle.

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11 thoughts on “Unvaliant Struggle

  1. I am not really sure what your point is. You didn’t really laugh at the moth, only in a kind way, and you weren’t indifferent. You were interested. So I do not see a link with those people who will potentially laugh at your struggles. And clearly, as this blog shows, there are a lot of people who aren’t indifferent to your project at all.

    • The way I felt about it is: I didn’t intervene. I didn’t help the moth, like my sister would, or kill it, like my father would. I noted its misery and its determination and then, indifferent, I went back to my own world.

      • But you cheered for him anyway. You let him struggle on but you were pleased that he made it out. You admired its determination to much to deprive him from the opportunity to climb out by himself ;)

    • Rua Lupa says:

      *facepalm* The post auto corrected my pritty little images now you don’t see them…take two (with different images)


      ____ \ / ____
      / \ @ / \
      \ @ /
      / @ \
      \____/ @ \____/



      • Rua Lupa says:

        Okay… so it was supposed to be a dude (you) on the other side of the road with a moth on the opposite side equaling *Deep* because of your post’s description of the situation.

        This is my last attempt at the damn moth (it better work now) :


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