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Who Once We Were


I believe we have a duty to the children:

Not just the children we raise,

The children we meet,

The orphans;

But to the children who once we were

Who Dreamed so many great things for Who They Would Become.

When you rise,

Do your job,

Greet the world,

Do you make that Dreaming spirit proud?

Or have you neglected

the first child

you ever loved?


18 thoughts on “Who Once We Were

  1. Once I received this from a fortune cookie, “Keep true to the dreams of your youth.” I’ve kept it on my desk ever since. I enjoyed your composition on this. We never lose our inner child. They are always lurking in the dark recesses of our thoughts waiting to be remembered.

  2. I have wandered the earth for the past 35 years enjoying myself, marveling,loving, writing my poems—so yeah–I have honored my childhood dream. Thanks for making me feel good about myself.

  3. It took me several days to work up the nerve to read this… not because I feared it would be bad, but because I *knew* it would hit me emotionally. Yet once I read it, it was a relief. It soothed me. Thank you.

    • I like that!

      It makes me think of the Hindu idea that the whole world is a dream, dreamed by Vishnu. In this case our whole life is a dream, dreamed by our childlike emperor.

  4. Rua Lupa says:

    *Applause* Most excellent post :)

    I never really stopped dreaming, the dream just changed as I aged. And the change isn’t really that far off from the original either. Which is quite pleasing.

    Dream on Hero Boy!

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