Adventure, The Great Adventure

Where the Hell Are You?

In case you’re wondering, here’s my current situation and the best and latest plan for the Great Adventure.

I’m in Wisconsin

That’s exactly as unexciting as it sounds. I’m in rural Wisconsin visiting my parents, and I’m sick of it. I love them both dearly but it’s time for me to get on the road again. I’d love to meet up with my mom for drinks every Thursday afternoon if I could, but I’d rather be wrestling bulls in between or learning to ride tigers or something. Sitting on the porch writing articles is not quite the same.

I’ve Been Kayaking

About a week ago I went on a trip to Duluth, MN where I kayaked for the first time (on Lake Superior!). Kayaking is like crack. It’s more fun than even a motorbike, at least when you hit big waves. A lot of people would only go kayaking if it’s calm weather… myself, I would pay extra if someone could start up a lesser squall while I’m out there. Playing with waves makes me giggle. Even if I did twist my knee.

The reason I was kayaking was to see if it would be a good way to go through Mexico. Yes, if I haven’t announced this before, I’m thinking of kayaking down the Gulf coast next year. The original reason was so I wouldn’t have to walk down lonely roads in dangerous areas of Mexico. The new reason is because kayaking is fucking awesome.

And please remember: the stated plan of my Adventure is to power it all under my own muscles, which means walking, biking or paddling. Not just walking, even though it often gets shorthanded that way.

I Should Start June 21…

That’s the planned start date. I’ll start from Itasca, MN which is the source of the Mississippi River. I’ll swim in Lake Itasca that day so I literally start at the source… like in the source.

I start off biking, with a wonderful touring bike an adventurer friend has gifted to me. See also: not always walking.

…But I Might Not

A minor injury is healing, but it’s a slow process. My knee is shaping up too. But it would be stupid to push myself and go if I’m not 100% recovered.

I should know by the end of the week whether I’m good to go or not. If not, I’m considering alternate start dates of July 4 or, at latest, Aug 1.

First Stop: Head South

From Itasca I’ll head south more-or-less along the Mississippi River. I’ll pass through the Twin Cities in July or August, and reach New Orleans by October. That’s at a leisurely pace and meandering route.

If you live somewhere between Minnesota and New Orleans and want to meet up you should let me know. Bear in mind that one day of biking will only take me 40-60 miles. So if you live 200 miles away from the Mississippi River and are excited I’ll be coming “near you,” let’s meet halfway.

There Will Be Goodies

I plan to release my second book, The Adventurer’s Way, in the next 30-60 days. It will be a much more in-depth look at adventure as a real way of life, a tool for making the world excellent.

Rogue Priest: Confessions, the pay-what-you-will serial, will also appear soon. The final kinks are worked out (fingers crossed) in terms of the back end, and the digital issues are in production. So in case you were wondering what exactly a Thai schoolgirl does with her hips when she sees an attractive priest, or wanted to know whether Harvard lawyers make good beer pong partners (hint: choose Cornell), hold your breath just a little longer and Confessions will hook you up.

That’s where the Hell I am. Where the Hell are you?


20 thoughts on “Where the Hell Are You?

  1. WTH am I? I’m still HERE. Busy being alone, writing, drawing, the usual. I’ve been feeling bad because I’d love to see you before you walk off, paddle, or bike away! But then I’d be afraid I’d kidnap you. LOL Or beg you to take me with you. ;-)

    If I had more money, I’d spoil you well here, but it’s just as quiet and boring here in Stevens Point as it must be at your parent’s.

    Keep in mind I have an extra room for guests and you’re welcome, and ANY of your traveler friends are welcome anytime (based only upon your recommendation because I trust your judgement). I also have two spots to put up tent space, a rack for bikes and kayaks, too. A little lake to kayak in and the university rents out scuba gear in case anyone wants to explore the deepest parts of the lake as well. There’s always adventure here, but you have to look past the surface.

    Do you know anyone who wants to adventure in the central Wisconsin area or who is passing through looking for a good place with a trustworthy person? I don’t often open my home to strangers, but I’ve been thinking about doing it lately, and only charging incredibly cheap rent. I’ve been TOO lonely and could use the company, but I also need the privacy, too. Any online networks you’d recommend I try?

    Have you thought about kayaking down other water ways/rivers to jump start things and save wear and tear on your ankle/knee?

  2. Rua Lupa says:

    I love how you are starting right in the source. It is poetically perfect with all the symbolism involved.

    I couldn’t help but think that since you were in Lake Superior you could just boated down to Lake Huron and met up with me in the North Channel. As if these bodies of water weren’t really big or something. ^_^

    If you like big waves, you’d looovvvve playboating. You take a short kayak and go down crazy rivers just to play in their waves. I personally had a blast canoe tripping down C4 waves and small water falls. Would love to do so again, as I’m an admitted playboat junkie who has been denied their substance. Or a river hard on that needs jerking :D

  3. We just outside the Twin Cities and planning our own mini-adventure. We’re heading out the same time as you and plan to road trip. We plan on heading west with a tent, the Red Barron and maybe hit SD. We were invited to a Lakota Sundance festival in SW SD during our trip and may end up there for a brief time. It’s very close to Vodou in practice, and some common beliefs.

    I hope you heal enough so that the trip is good. I’d hate to see you stress out injuries and have to return. You need to take care of yourself,it’s a long haul.

    I also banged my knee this week and am resting it. Good luck my friend. Glad the kayaking went well.

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  5. I am way off from where you are I’m afraid, the southern point of Africa to be precise. :)

    So at the moment I am brewing on an adventure across the Table Mountain range which I’ve been wanting to do for the last 5 years. I will do it somewhere in October if I do not happen to find myself in New York as part of the Red Bull Music Academy.

    I applied for it in April and am now awaiting their response, due in July. The gist of it is that they choose 60 musically inclined people from around the world to join together in New York for about 2 weeks, spontaneously collaborate on music every day, have talks with renowned musicians, and hang out in the City at night. Sounds like a blast eh? Wish me the best! I would dig it lank to go. :)

    Other than that I’m working on about 3 – 4 new albums for The X-Structure. :)

    As for you, I will be following your adventures from this side of the world.

    Godspeed friend.


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