The Great Adventure

Happy Solstice

Happy Midsummer all! My start date for the Adventure was planned for today. As I indicated a while ago, that date would move if needed to accommodate recovery time from my injuries. And so it is.

The injuries are healing nicely—I probably could start biking 50 miles a day today with no problems. But I want to get back into my daily training habit, and stretch and strengthen everything to make sure there will be no relapse. That’s just good policy.

I will instead start my Adventure on July 4. I’ll watch the fireworks in Duluth, MN that night and then start from Lake Itasca the following morning.

In unrelated news, today’s a major holiday for me: Midsummer. In some Irish lore, the goddess Aine (pronounced like the band Enya) died last night. At her death, all of the elf mounds in Ireland opened their doors and the Good Folk marched with lamps up to the highest hill to mourn her. In folk tradition we light lamps and bonfires the evening before the Solstice and party. I’m the only polytheist out here on the farm, so I held my own little fire ceremony last night. It was raining and beautiful. It was grand.

Tomorrow I get to see my Vodouisant friends Urban and his wife Saumya. It’s a special time of year for them, too.

The Paps of Anu, sacred hills of the goddess Aine in southern Ireland.

I hope all of you are having an amazing Midsummer, hopefully with no Shakespearean dream hijinx or, if so, I hope you got lucky!

Anyone do anything special for the holiday?


13 thoughts on “Happy Solstice

  1. I’m not a polytheist but I do have a mild case of seasonal mood disorder. I love the solstice and being the brightest day of the year. I do my own little celebrations like just sitting outside and soaking in the vitamin D. Thank God for the brightness of the day and just enjoy it. With the storms around here I was worried I wouldn’t get any sun. But I seem to be pleasantly wrong. Happy Solstice! I hope your ceremony was special and wonderful

    • Thanks Doc! Most people have seasonal sensitivity… that is one of the things I love about the natural holidays like Midwinter and Midsummer. Everyone needs a party with a lot of lights when Midwinter rolls around. It’s part of our psyche. Thanks for the kind wishes by the way! It’s a good day.

  2. Here in the Southern Hemisphere it is Winter Solstice. Plans for today: try to not freeze in the sunless, windowless and cold-like-a-catacomb place in which I work. Nothing special about that.

    But I intend on enjoying a good, wholesome meal tonight… a candle-lit dinner in the company of friends!

    • Happy Midwinter, Saturness! Your dinner sounds great. This morning my dad and I butchered some of his chickens. I treated it like a sacrifice. We’ll have a big chicken dinner soon with fresh meat… and a few friends are coming to visit tonight! It’s a good way to spend a summer holiday.

      What is winter like in your part of Brazil?

  3. Happy Summer Solstice to you too, Drew. We had our tradtional family celebration. The kids hold a twilight ritual to welcome the nature spirits and the fey to our gardens. The grandchildren have named it “The Calling of The Fairies”. We light up the gardens with torches and floating candles in cauldrons of rose water. The little girls dress up in their fairy finest. This year they were brought to court on a float my son built, complete with little thrones., pulled by him on his 4 wheeler. There is music and dancing in the gardens, and a special welcome for the Good People and their Queen, followed by a bonfire. Safe journey on your upcoming trip. Every 20 days when I light Brigit’s flame I will put a good word in to Herself for you.
    PS I saw the Paps of Anu when my daughter, granddaughters and I went to Ireland .

    • Niniann, that sounds like an amazing midsummer tradition. I’m so glad your kids grow up with memories like that. Thanks for describing this and putting a smile on a priest’s face.

  4. Hey, I’m actually getting into the Duluth area (Cloquet anyway) on the night of the 3rd. Btw, you know the whole area is a national disaster area right now due to flooding, right? Not sure if we’d be able to meet you – or if perhaps you could come out and meet us – since Tony’s driver’s license expired in September and I don’t have one. But we built a stone circle 10 years ago in Barnum, and are having our a bit of a reunion/ anniversary party there on July 13-14, so if you’re in the area then maybe you could stop by?

    • Yes, I did hear about it – and Nicki gave me a great idea. I think I’ll take an extra week in Duluth to see if I can volunteer to help with cleanup (if they still need it). I’ll arrive either the 3rd or 4th, and then be there through maybe the 11th, so not sure if we will cross paths or not – though that would be excellent! I’ll keep you posted when I know my dates for sure.

      • Great! I’m sure we’ll be able to meet up one way or another then. Btw, if you’d like anything from Turkey, I’m here for two more days and tomorrow’s my shopping day. Also, fyi, Ephesus rocks.

        • I’l be traveling light and can’t think of anything I need from Turkey… that’s a really sweet offer though! I can hardly wait to see you guys again :)

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