The Great Adventure

Sleeping in the Sky

This is me waking up in my first ever camping hammock. I’ve tried it out every night for the past week. It’s a green nylon hammock enclosed with mosquito netting on the top. So basically I sleep in a giant cocoon. Above that (at top right here) is a rain fly.

It rocks.

There are some drawbacks. It can get cold in there if the night is cool. Blankets don’t help, at least not inside the cocoon. If you can hang a blanket snugly on the outside of the hammock it will help insulate. Learning how to rig up the blanket has been an interesting process. I had some rough nights, but I think I figured it out.

For those interested the brand is Hennessy Hammock. The design is ingenious and super comfortable. I hear that ENO makes some great ones too, but theirs clock in a little heavier and cost more.

The camping hammock is one of the best engineered pieces of equipment I’ve ever dealt with. I love climbing in and falling asleep in the breeze. It truly is sleeping in the sky.

This is a piece of equipment I never could have bought if it weren’t for my wonderful donors. Everyone who made a gift, whether $10 or $100, thank you. The entire hammock and rain fly fold up to 6×11″ and weigh less than 3 pounds. I compared this to my old one-man tent today. When stowed it’s nearly 3 feet long and weighs at least twice that much.

Thank you.


5 thoughts on “Sleeping in the Sky

  1. I just bought one of these (pretty sure the exact same model). It was the bottom-entrance that sold me on it. Haven’t put mine up yet but glad to see it got your nod.

    Only possible drawback I can see is it’s not much use where there are no trees ;-)

  2. PS regarding the cold nights: did you try sleeping on top of a blanket, and having another on top of you? I gather that’s how it’s “supposed to be done,” but haven’t tried it yet myself (obviously).

  3. So wonderful! Thank you for sharing this joyful account of your comfy hammock. I will go to sleep well myself knowing that each night you are sleeping on the breeze. :-)

  4. I’ve wanted a hammock for just using in the yard, but there are just too many deer flies, black-flies etc around here to make it practical. Never heard of these enclosed camping hammocks before, but one would be the perfect solution.

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