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At the Edge of Something Greater

Sometimes, you have to want it.

I’ve never been a hero. Never. And I might spend a whole life adventuring and never reach that state. I don’t really care.

What matters to me is the power that heroism has over my own heart. If it wasn’t for the stories of great heroes I heard growing up, I wouldn’t be out here adventuring today.

And that’s the beauty: I may not be a hero, but I’m definitely an adventurer. The thrill of exploration is a song I hear on the wind.

Some smart people have told me that the ancient myths were not real value systems, because the average warrior can’t be Achilles. To me that’s missing the point. The myths are powerful proscriptions because the average warrior can love Achilles. They can yearn to be like him, and while only a few succeed, tens of thousands improve the world (and their happiness) by trying.

A heroic faith then has very little to do with becoming a hero, and everything to do with the inspiration that heroes give us. For me that inspiration is so powerful that it’s brought me to the edge of everything I love. I have given it all up to be here. I own a knife, a hatchet, and a pack full of tools: I surrendered everything.

And I never second guessed it, because for the first time in my life things felt right.

It can make you believe in fate, this feeling. What else can it be, when everything in your soul is yearning toward one end?

It’s a journeyman’s quest. It’s the love of my art that pulls me forward. I’m not even sure I can name what that art is, though to say writing would come close. I just know here is a tremendous spirit inside of me that’s waiting to be let out, a story that I’m supposed to tell. I don’t know what the story is yet, but it’s waiting to be told and I am the one to tell it.

There’s beauty in chasing your purpose. Like an illusionist, it has you cheering for something you don’t understand. But like a lover from the other world it has a plan for you and you’re eager to be complicit.

Life is precious, my friends. Minutes are expensive. Please, put them toward the things you truly love.


17 thoughts on “At the Edge of Something Greater

  1. You’re my hero and I want to be my hero’s hero. Does that sound weird? Or just a big dose of hero worship? Am I praising you as if in an attempt to immortalize you? I don’t think so. Yet I have to check to make sure, and remind you that I know you’re still goofy, good ole Drew.

    Talk about putting things toward what I love… Instead of waiting around for a sword partner, I am purchasing TWO SCIMITARS this month. I have dyed half of my hair crimson red, and returned to sword dancing practice.

    I may be more awesome than you someday.

    • Valentina, don’t strive to be greater than Drew someday, strive to be better than him right now.

      At least that’s what’s read from him. Strive for your greatness now, you likely already have it inside you, untapped. Realize it.

      That’s what Drew is doing.

      I know it had already been said, but: go Drew go!

      • Oh, thanks for that, Urban! It’s funny because I sometimes reply as a first response, and then later think more about what someone has written, but then because I’m so prolific with my replies, I stop myself from going back to re-reply my thoughts.

        I am striving, yet always on my mind I want to be as great or better as much as I appreciate the people I admire and love. Too often it’s too tempting to hero worship. I feel “little” right now compared to Drew. Thank you, Urban, I need to remember and get back on track with developing, realizing… all that. Ugh.

        AND to repeat it loud and clear: Keep going, Drew!

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  3. Rua Lupa says:

    I’m a bit late in getting in ;S Have a kick ass time Drew and YOLO it up! I’ll be up at Thunder Mt. this next week and I’ll be thinking of you while I add medicine to the sacred fire.

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