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Crossing the Mississippi for the first of many times.

I can bike 70 miles in a day.

If a car goes 70 miles you need to pay for gas. Assuming a generous mileage of 35 MPG, that’s two gallons to go the same distance. At current prices of $3.60, you spend $7.20.

I fuel myself with about $6/day of food. 

I am more fuel-efficient than a Japanese car.


8 thoughts on “Mileage

  1. $6 a day in food? Can I ask what you’ve packed and are eating? That doesn’t seem like much… Sorry, I worry. It’s a mom-thing I can’t turn off even when talking to other grownups.

    • Honestly a lot of my appetite evaporated. I guzzle water and I burn fat. I have plenty of calories to spare. Typically what I eat is some combination of: handfuls of trail mix, or healthy balanced meals like a sandwich on whole grain bread with some fresh fruit. A meal like that will cost $4 or $5 but $6 of trail mix will last several days. So on average I spend about $6 a day.

  2. Rua Lupa says:

    hahaha, have quite a bit of time to think on this stuff now eh? Gets me thinking about how each time I go to the mountain I manage to lesson the amount of food I bring yet having more calories per pound while not skimping on flavor and nutrition. Not to mention being ultra long lasting food mostly homemade from local sources. Have you considered eating wild food stuffs throughout your trip as you come across them. I know a lot of wild berries are available now that like the roadsides which would make great treat breaks.

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