A Lúnasa Wish

Happy Lúnasa everyone.

Lúnasa is a major holiday for me. It’s the festival of the Heroic God, Lugh.

In Ireland, Lúnasa was once one of the most important annual holidays. The traditions at the heart of the celebration remain alive today in summer fairs around the world.

How do you celebrate Lúnasa? With sports, contests, music, tests of skill, games, food, drink and good company. One of the most unique traditions is a horse race through water. Riding on a swimming horse ain’t easy, so I hear.

(Personally, I’ll stick to regular swimming with my peeps tonight.)

Lúnasa is a chance to showcase your talents, to join in friendly competition, and to make merry with your friends. The best part is, it lasts basically all month.

My only wish for this festival is that more people will join in. Here are three ways you can join the celebration and put a smile on my face:

  1. Buy someone a drink, and raise your glass to Lugh. He is the spirit who inspires us to sacrifice for others.
  2. Spend time playing sports or games with friends. Your laughter is a greater gift than any burnt offering.
  3. Go for a swim!

And please, take a moment to leave a comment and say how you’re celebrating this ancient holiday. What does it mean to you?

Merry Lúnasa all!


9 thoughts on “A Lúnasa Wish

  1. I’m celebrating all month by writing a poem a day, drawing a sketch a day, and promised to finish my woodland tribe playing card deck before next week… busy, busy, busy Val! By month’s end I should have a lot to show off. Lugh’s day for me is always about utilizing my skills and planning projects for the fall.

    And, oh, Drew, please tell me, how are you celebrating today (this month)? How will your celebration be different on the road?

  2. Today I got to tour two Asheville area moonshine distilleries. I say that was super appropriate. And awesome. I got a bote of an unreleased oak reserve that I need to save air another special occasion. The distiller just gave it too us because we’re awesome. Also, because we’re going to showcase his distillery on our website. (

  3. Jen Foley says:

    This weekend, the kids and I will go watch their Daddy swim in a 2 mile open water race in Lake Superior (we’ll take the ferry over) and there we will all meet up, rent some bikes, and go tooling about on Madeleine Island. And then we’ll have a beer. And then we’ll go to our cabin near Hayward, WI and swim some more. And take a bath in our outdoor bath tub. Does this cover enough of these bases? Hope you have a wonderful time celebrating Lugh’s Day!

  4. I tried to send you a happy Lughnasa yesterday, but the comment thing was not working for me! Finicky technology. So yesterday’s message was supposed to be:

    The days are still long and the moon is nigh full… may the sun kiss your shoulders and safe travels, sage priest. ;-) Happy Lughnasa to you especially.

    I took two melons from my garden up to work to share around with folks, and tonight will be having an Olympics watch party. It seems fitting. :) (Gotta think creatively when no one I know is likeminded… also, reminded the hubby who the awesome Lugh is.)

  5. JeninCanada says:

    We celebrated Lughnassad together as a Circle with a scavenger hunt in order to creatively decorate and find tools for our altar, then during ritual we sacrificed our seeds (now wee plants) from Ostara we’d planted. It was good times.

    • That sounds like a blast! The scavenger hunt reminds me, weirdly, of our Three Legged Chase. At Lúnasa our temple would have one person dress as a Fomhor and hop on one leg. Everybody else would be tied together with a partner three-legged-race style, and have a nerf sword. The objective was for the three-legged teams to chase down the one-legged Fomhor. First to tackle the giant wins :)

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