Experiment: Adventurer for Hire

I decided to do an experiment.

I posted an ad on Craigslist for “Adventurer for Hire.” It’s on the Minneapolis (Twin Cities) Craigslist, visible to a large, diverse and metropolitan community.

The full text reads:

I am a professional adventurer traveling through the Twin Cities for one week only. I need very little in life and will work for cash, beer, food or lodging.

If you need an adventurer, I’m your man. Risk and danger are not an issue. I’m also happy to tutor individuals or groups in skills such as outdoor survival, martial arts, and travel. Good causes get special consideration.

E-mail me your problem and let’s get started.

I didn’t do this to make money. I may well turn down the inquiries I get, and I made clear I will work for “food, beer or lodging.”

I did it to see what what the heck people ask me to do.

The word adventurer is heavily colored by pop culture and fantasy. It doesn’t fit well into the economy or what we normally think of as a profession, job or service.

I can hardly wait to find out. Will anyone answer the ad? What will they want their adventurer to do? What do you think?

Update: Find out the results in Will You Fight Me?


17 thoughts on “Experiment: Adventurer for Hire

  1. Rua Lupa says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if you got responses that were more on the risque side of things – how would you respond to that!? Hopefully you get some martial arts or boxing class interested in seeing what you have to offer.

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