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Will You Complain When Your Dream Comes True?

Pepin, Wisconsin.

The town is three streets. The prettiest faces the Mississippi. The sun sets, the chill arrives, and I enter a pub.

I make friends. Chose the pub carefully, got the right feel. I’m not through the door and people start the introductions. I discard my book and chat.

I want a beer, conversation, and in a lucky world, somewhere to stay. Adventurer’s gamble, I suppose. Adventurers don’t always win.

Three hours finds me outside and cheerful. The pub closes; groups swagger home. I leave my bike and walk off the energy, the brew.

Time to sleep, Drew.

The river shore is cold and safe. Pebble beach, breeze, no mosquitoes. I lean the bike on a tree and I sit beneath. Wrap my blanket, cross my legs. Sleep.

I wake once an hour to a train horn. It gets colder in the wee hours. I adjust.

5:30 and the sun hits the river. Mist covers it like a serpent. He lifts his head, rises with the dawn. A dragon on the wing, a slow silver river, and me.

The night was cold, uncomfortable. I won’t complain. Why complain about what you love best?


14 thoughts on “Will You Complain When Your Dream Comes True?

  1. nickiofcourse says:

    On a smaller scale but the same one, last night many people went out to do a fantasy football draft, and of course didn’t get home til the weehours (there were pitchers of beer left to be drank, etc). This morning there is some moaning and groaning going on. I asked “Why’d you go then? You knew it would be a late night and you’d drink and feel this way today.” “Because I wanted to.”
    Then shut it! They got to do exactly what they wanted, and still complain.
    If I HAD to pick one underlying “truth” (lack of better word, I don’t think there is one “truth” for everyone or anyone), I’d have to say it’s that There Is Always More Good Than Not. It’s up to us to SEE IT and COUNT IT.
    As beautifully demonstrated by the one who travels with gratefulness in his eyes.

    • Haha, you know, I guess I do feel very grateful. I’m not sure I could’ve pegged that emotion if you hadn’t said it that way, but that was exactly what I felt that morning and for two days afterward, about the whole experience.

      I agree there is more good available than bad. I also think that when people don’t feel grateful after getting something, maybe it wasn’t what they really wanted. For example the drinking. Did they want the buzz of alcohol, specifically, or did they want a break from their lives? In the morning they wake up and they are back to their lives. I think we use many distractions this way. I used video games, food, and alcohol this way. I would never feel grateful afterward because I didn’t really want games, food and drink. I wanted a more exciting life. I didn’t feel grateful till I realized that and went after it.

    • Hey Xeno, maybe we’ve been through this before (I’ve talked to a few Wisconsinites), but what part of the state do you live in?

      Presently in Melrose, WI; will cross to MN at Lacrosse; probably cross back after visiting friends and head down the WI side of the river. If any of that’s near you, I’m happy to meet up.

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