Lúnasa Days, Writing

When the Heart Breaks: Lúnasa Days

The sun’s dying. The corn doesn’t know. It grows tall and green. The human heart knows. It stirs and it stirs.

There’s a dwindling in August. Sadness. And a loner on the roads.

He doesn’t know why he left. His life wasn’t bad. Everyone said he was good at his job, even his boss.

But when he was young he knew something. He had a fate, a reason to exist. It was as real as the pollen that made him sneeze. He never quite found it, his fate, and every autumn it slipped further away.

He stopped one day for food. A gas station, like any other. But the man there was friendly. He was bored. And he liked the look of the young guy with his bike, and he asked him questions.

“Where you headed?” he asked.

It was a hard question.

“Well, what do you do?”

The young man chewed his food. Vagabond. Can you say vagabond? Is that a career?

He looked off in the distance.

“I cast spells,” he said.

And the old man had some work for him.

I’m planning a novella, Lúnasa Days.

It’s a semi-fictional account of a bike ride in August, and a young man who casts spells for the people he meets.



14 thoughts on “When the Heart Breaks: Lúnasa Days

  1. Yes! Sign me up. I’m interested. I remember as a kid dreading the end of summer. Although I always loved the beginning of a new school year, I always wished summers were truly endless. I still feel that even now. Was wondering why I’ve been a little down lately. I think the end of August always puts me here for a short while. And then it passes. Look forward to reading the story Drew!

    • Yes, there’s something dreadful yet sweet about this time of year. Time to pack in every minute of sunshine, every game, every late night, every ice cream cone before school starts…

      And with school, the end of the dream and the beginning of dreaming.

  2. Thanks so much for all the enthusiasm and kind words, everyone. I’ll be opening up a chance to preorder and support the work tomorrow, with a few special perks for you.

    This will be an ebook and, gods willing, the first work I release “officially” on Amazon.com. So it’ll be available in a Kindle version.

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