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Push Days

I want to be in New Orleans on October 17.

As I leave my parent’s farm that gives me 41 days to go 1150 miles.

Math says that’s less than 30 miles a day. Math lies.

A 30 mile bike ride is easy, but that’s every day. On a biking day it’s hard to do anything else. There is no “get there at noon and relax.” I break down camp in the morning, and have to scout a site for it in the evening. I’m sweaty. The laptop is packed, so going to a coffee house and doing work is a pain.

After a long day of biking I want to lay in my hammock and dream.

If I go 32 miles a day, I can spend one day a week on my feet.

If I go 41 miles I get two days.

For 55 miles, three and change.

55 miles is my new minimum. Often I’ll bike farther, but even in a headwind this is doable.

I’m going to call these days “push days.” I’d rather push four days a week, then have ample time to explore cool towns or chill and write some words.


11 thoughts on “Push Days

  1. That’s what I do in my regular work week. Push for three or four so that I can have three or four off in a row. Good plan. But don’t wear thin. Eat well. Stay hydrated. Etc. But you know all this. Overall, enjoy the ride, whether riding or not!

  2. MercyFire says:

    I may have to try the ‘push day’ schedule in my own life. My husband works 3-5 day stretches and can have 5-8 off in between. I look forward to seeing how you like it; he loves it so far!

    • So far it has been rough! But not because of the distance “pushed”. The last two days have been really hard on my spirit. I’ll write more soon.

      (I suspect that, without freezing winds and rain on your head, your “push days” will probably go a lot better than my first one.)

    • Haha, some days I wish I was not me! Well okay, that’s a lie. But there are tough days :)

      55 miles or a century just comes with time. And the right bike helps, too. Once you start challenging yourself to longer rides the muscles build shockingly fast. For me about a week. Men build muscle faster than women, so maybe it would be two weeks for you.

      But if you set some mid-range goals (25 miles? 30 miles? I don’t know what is a long ride for your) and do them every day or every other day for a bit, you will rebuild your legs.

      • We did 35 last weekend, breaks at intervals. I recently started running because commuting by bike wasn’t feeling like a challenge anymore and it was time to challenge myself again. I don’t have the time right now to get on my bike for hours just because. But I ride anywhere from 2-12 miles on a given day.

        Of course there are tough days! There are days when I feel like I’ve never gone 3 miles on my bike before! But they pass, just like the fantastic days do :)

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