Project Conversion: A Year of Immersion into 12 Religions

Andrew Bowen is the only extremist I’ll ever adore.

This man was consumed by a cold hatred for religion. Not just one religion, not just dogmatic religion, but anything that smacked of faith: he had a stake for its heart.

I didn’t know him, then.

Instead we met when he was in the midst of one of the most trying and humbling experiences he has ever put himself through.

Over twelve months he voluntarily immersed himself, with complete devotion, in the faiths and cultures of twelve religions.

He has come out of this immersion, in my opinion, enlightened: he bears a unique perspective on religion, not the interfaith view that all can get along, nor the casual outside view that all of them are the same, but an insight born of experiencing one within another. He is, in a sense, faithful beyond religion.

Andrew is creating a book that details what he went through in those twelve months. You can hear an excerpt at the link below and, if you like, you can help kickstart it:

Project Conversion

Please check it out. Andrew is as ardent as ever, but now that zeal is focused on peace. It’s a journey that has grabbed my attention, and I think it will grab yours as well.


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