Religion, The Great Adventure

Prayer Upon Leaving a Methodist Church

“Conjuration of Lugh” copyright 2012 Drew Jacob.

50 miles to the town of Monmouth.

It was sunset and I had no idea where I’d stay. I was taken in by the local Methodists: I slept in their church library, warm and comfortable, and read books on Christ before I dozed. I shared their coffee cake in the morning, and watched their children collectively deliver a sermon.

Full of joy, I mounted my Giant and took to the wind. Before I went, I invoked:

Lord Lugh, you are my oide,

I recognize you as such.

Give your blessing, O teacher, not to me,

But to those who have done me right:

This church,

This pastor,

This generous people.

I come now from their feasting hall

But I remain in your eternal retinue.

As they have cared for me,

So care for them:

Grant them your abiding protection,

Your inspiration,

And the sheltering presence of heroic hearts.

Is Lugh mo dhé, is Lugh mo ghae. Sé do bheatha a Lugh, Lugh abú. Lugh abú!

I rode a sunwise loop about the church, turned my wheel to the street, and flew.

A bookmark made by the kids fluttered from my handlebars.


19 thoughts on “Prayer Upon Leaving a Methodist Church

  1. Your prayer sings through my own heart such a beautiful light and way to be in the world. I, a former Methodist minister, know these kinds of folks. I am also one who honors Lugh. Thank you for this sharing this powerful moment.

    • That did occur to me before entering their Sunday service. I have this idea of meeting the gods but for all I know, I was about to walk in and meet the Christian god.

      Adonai did not see fit to throw wide the door, however; there was certainly a spiritual elevation in that holy place, but to date my quest remains unfulfilled…

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