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Results of the Lúnasa Days Patronage

The past few weeks I’ve teased readers with excerpts from an upcoming novella, Lúnasa Days. The novella concerns a semi-fictional young man, his bike, and his unusual career of casting spells. Corn dies, wives stray and farmers load their shotguns.

I reached out to my readers with an appeal for patronage: help me fund the creation of this novella, and receive special credit in the book and a variety of benefits.

Quite a few of you answered the call.

I set goal of raising $200 in two weeks. This amount will allow me to take work days away from writing ad copy. I’m pleased and grateful to announce that this goal was met and exceeded. Patronage for Lúnasa Days came in with a total of $270.

This is a joyful experience for a writer. It means more to me than any book sale ever can, because it represents a powerful commitment from readers. By becoming patrons of this novella you’ve said you’re willing to invest to make sure it becomes a reality.

Thank you. I don’t know how else to say it, so just: thank you, so much. I expect a draft of the novella to be completed in November and will announce a release date from there.

I also want to invite everyone’s feedback. How do you feel about the patronage request?

  • If you gave, what made you decide to give?
  • If you didn’t give, was there something that put you off? Does the whole idea put you off?
  • Were the levels priced right? Almost all the support came at the $20 level (which makes sense). If it was $20/30/50 instead of $20/50/75, would higher levels be more appealing?
  • I offered a variety of perks at different levels. They included name recognition, an advance copy, a signed copy, an invitation to creative involvement, and a special art book version of a short story. Did any of these really grab you? Did any seem “meh”?

Patronage allows a writer to secure seed money for work they would otherwise do on faith alone. The world of self-publishing is risky, and this takes some risk out of it. I’d like to refine the process to make it deliver the most value for you, making it mutually beneficial. So please, comment and share your feelings.

(If you weren’t able to give before and feel like you missed out on the special perks, I’m still accepting patronage at the $20 and $50 levels. Click here to check out the benefits and sign up. The $75 level is no longer available.)

Your thoughts?


13 thoughts on “Results of the Lúnasa Days Patronage

  1. Kate Jacob says:

    Well, I am a bit prejudiced as I am your Mom, but I do believe I have encouraged you in your natural talents that are exceptional. You are an talented, gifted writer and I say that not as your mother but as an avid reader with a degree in English Lit. I have read much in my life and realize there is a lot of crap published that shouldn’t be offered to anyone to read.
    You belong to the rather small group of modern writers who are talented and offer unusual, well written, grab you by the throat stories..
    I truly liked the way you came up with the pre-funding idea, and the cost levels were very fair .The readers who have contributed can feel a sense. pride in your success.

    With respect,

    Kate Jacob

  2. From the moment I found your blog I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts. Unfortunately I fall under the “Have not contributed” group of your followers.

    Mostly the reason for that is that I am about three weeks away from my wedding and scrounging every penny that I can to pay for it. I would like to contribute and support you. Working at the Renaissance Festival has shown me that supporting one another is key, and also something I enjoy.

    As far as the “perks” go, other than receiving a copy I would care much for the remainder of the perks. A copy of the book and supporting the author is a reward of it’s own.

  3. KassyIsALazyBumThatDoesn'tRead says:

    I hadn’t read about it until now. So it was more of a matter of spending time actually reading on my part. :-/ My bad.

  4. Jen says:

    I think the levels seemed reasonable, Drew. I just didn’t contribute this time as I did when you asked to get some help with gear. I try to spread it around, if I can. But the novella looks good so far – looking forward to reading it!

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