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The New Rogue Priest by Zack Whitley

This is the new Rogue Priest business card by Zack Whitley. I’ve been wallpapering the American South with these things, and I love them.

If you’ve seen it, the old business card had a similar look—on the front. But I was way too pushy about putting my own ideas ahead of the designer’s gut feeling, and ended up with a look I didn’t like on the back. The new version fixes all that, and looks great.

Zack hand-drew the image on the front. It features a lone owl in a tree. Alone says rogue and owl says wisdom. Are priests wise? Well… bit by bit we eat the head of the rat.

And yes, my business card says Adventurer. I can’t stop smiling about that.

Heaven May Be a Dream

The best part about the card is the line Heaven may be a dream. I came to Zack bubbling with ideas for quotes to add to the design, and he patiently advised me.

“Quotes can easily look hokey on a business card,” he said. “Or they can really add something. It makes sense to include one, since you’re a writer, but to be effective it has to leave them wanting more.”

Damn, boy.

I took that to heart, spoke to a lot of friends and combed back through a few of my favorite lines from Rogue Priest. “Heaven may be a dream” is the logical conclusion of my “love it the first time” ethos. It captures everything about the Heroic faith, and my attitude. I put it on the card.

The result?

It gets attention. Just about everyone who turns over the card reads that quote, often musing out loud, then looks at me and says, “What does that mean?”

Then I get to explain.

Slam dunk. 

If you need a new business card that will turn heads, or any kind of design work done, I can’t say enough good things about Zack Whitley. He isn’t just a good designer, he knows how to explain the impact of your choices to you. You can reach him at

What do you guys think of the look?


14 thoughts on “The New Rogue Priest by Zack Whitley

    • Believe it or not he doesn’t! He only takes a few design clients, since freelance is not his main source of income. But I’m sure he can sent you examples of his work on request.

  1. Great business card design. I really did a lot of research before I purchased mine as well. A well designed and personalized business card says a lot about the person who hands them out…versus the mass produced ones that anyone can design with a simple software program which lacks thought and creativity.

    • I agree. Though the same could probably be said about mass produced websites… one more reason I need to migrate RP to a custom site as soon as I get to New Orleans.

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