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Adventure Log: Wisconsin Edition

Apparently people really like to know how many miles I’ve gone and what route I take.

I have a few of these to put up, and you can expect them over the next week. This is the second one, covering Wisconsin. (You can see the first log, Minnesota Edition, here.)

Day 40 (August 15)

Departed Saint Paul (forever?). Raced sunset, thunderstorms to make camp. First raindrop fell literally as I slid into hammock for the night. 29.5 miles.


Day 41 (August 16)

Early, cold morning. Strong tailwind. Amazing time on brutal hills. Met Mom & Zangmo for lunch in Stockholm, WI. Reached Ryan’s farm at sunset. 41.9 miles.


Days 42 – 44

Stayed at Ryan and Rebecca’s farm. Philosophy with Ryan, drinking with Rebecca. Wrote a great deal. Began planning novella.

Day 45 (August 20)

Looped back to Maiden Rock for fun. Could not find favorite house. Love it the first time. Pushed on to Pepin. Made friends, slept outside. 17.3 miles.


Day 46

Dawn with dragons. Lunch in Alma. Ran into new friends from night before. Pushed on, camped at boat landing outside Winona. Visited Winona in evening. 43.8 miles.


Day 47 (August 22)

Arrived parents’ farm! Very difficult biking day. Surprised me. Hills, dehydration? Felt sick on arrival. Budweiser made it worse. 34.2 miles.


Days 48 -61

Stayed with parents. Worked furiously! Created artwork, fiction, nonfiction, and client articles. Sleep deprived. Dad & I custom built new front rig for the Giant.

Day 56 (August 31)

My birthday! I turned 29.

Day 62 (September 6)

Left behind my parents’ farm, maybe for last time. Reached Shrine of Guadalupe at sunset. Rejected by friars, slept hour by hour under trees, rain. 47.3 miles.


Day 63 

Deliriously sleepy, barely rolled forward. Arrived Prairie du Chien late afternoon, nowhere to stay. A hard day. 56.1 miles.


Day 64 

Took day to work, refocus myself in Prairie du Chien. Considered moving to a horse camp, decided to stay put. Ate well, worked little, biked around area. Turned to Couchsurfing for place to stay in days ahead.

Day 65

Departed Prairie du Chien in higher spirits. Mild tailwind, flat route ahead. Decided to turn off it up large bluffs to see Wyalusing, an old favorite state park. Discovered tavern where we went during family camping trips, the Dew Drop Inn. Wiped out, injured self, bent the Giant’s front brake. Camped in yard of older couple at Cassville. 36.5 miles.


Day 66 (September 10)

Fought wind, hard ride. Hills. Stopped at a shrine in Dickeyville and talked to Urban on phone. Turns out he grew up next door to the man who’ll be hosting me in Dubuque! Went way off course to avoid being on freeway. Still had to take freeway bridge to cross the river. Reached Dubuque thoroughly beat. 43 miles.


Total traveled this leg: 349.6

Total traveled since Day 1: 709.1

It’s interesting what can be learned by counting miles like this. My total travels in the Wisconsin leg amount to 10 miles less than my Minnesota leg, yet Wisconsin seemed vastly more difficult. I’m surprised to see so many days of just 30 or 40 miles—those days often felt long and grueling.

From this point on I had no family or friends to rely on, and learning to arrange friendly places to stay became vital.

Want to know anything about this leg of my travels? Ask away and I’ll do my best to answer.


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