Lúnasa Days

An Update on Lúnasa Days

In the last few months many of you have become patrons to support the creation of my first novella, Lúnasa Days. (If you haven’t, take a sneak peek.)

Here’s the latest.

Lúnasa Days is on schedule. As planned, the manuscript will be ready in late November. I’ll send it out to those select patrons who get to read and comment prior to publication. Expect an email around Thanksgiving, and know that your reaction will help shape the final draft.

The edited, final version will be ready in December. Patrons will receive their advance copies directly and then Lúnasa Days will be released as an ebook on Amazon.

The goal is to release it in time for the holidays. Price is TBD.

Patrons have a number of special perks available to them. If you want those perks too, move quick.

Let me know if you have any questions, either about patronage or the book itself. Thanks for all your support everyone—this novella would not be possible without you.


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