Why My First Book Will Be No More

Photo by Spencer Finnley

Imagine knowing exactly what spirituality is.

Picture a world where it doesn’t come from scripture, church, or doctrine. A world where it doesn’t come from what your parents told you, or your pastor.

Imagine a version of yourself with a calm, self-assured confidence that comes from experiencing the sacred firsthand.

You can have that experience.

These words open my first ever ever book, Walk Like a God. They were written two months before I deployed.

Rich in photos, Walk Like a God expresses a way of spirituality that doesn’t follow religion. It roots the spiritual search in the act of challenging yourself, and the simple practice of walking.

It’s a love song to the natural world, to the human spirit, and to our ability to find our own way without doctrine.

And on Sunday, Walk Like a God will no longer be available.


Authors change.

In the paper-laden past, books went out of print. If all copies sold they became hard to find. Only a huge demand could conjure more.

In the digital realm authors can ride a product forever. But I don’t want to. I’m no longer the person who wrote Walk Like a God. My journey changes me, and I want my work to change too.

Digital publishing is supposed to free writers from a corporate mentality. So instead of selling and selling till the sales run dry, I’m taking it off the shelf.

I want to be clear: I still think Walk Like a God is a great book. I’m proud of it, and when I read back through it I still feel happy with what it teaches.

So you have a little time left.

Whether you’ve been putting it off, just heard of it, or simply want to have a “complete” Rogue Priest collection:

grab Walk Like a God here

But only through 11/11/2012. At the end of Sunday, it’s gone.

Many thanks to everyone who bought, read, enjoyed, or reviewed my first book. The big question is: what do you want in my next book on spirituality?


11 thoughts on “Why My First Book Will Be No More

  1. Personally, I’d like to see a book of the hero myths and stories that inspire you, especially if you tie them all together with the experiences and ideas in “Starve Like Ogres, Feast Like Kings.”

        • Oh man… but they are perfect just the way they are!

          Well, sort of. Better translations (like Mitchell’s Gilgamesh) and more helpful footnotes would improve some of them. But I don’t think I’m qualified for that.

          Honestly this is one of my biggest beefs with people like Campbell. The old myths don’t need to be stripped down and rewritten. That takes away the best parts of them. Presented better, sure, but they endured x-thousand years for a reason.

  2. I have the book, and am glad. It affirmed and reaffirmed my own spiritual path. Your post today raises questions for me that, I must confess, is really intriguing for me. How you have you changed so dramatically in this short time that you are unwilling to keep the book available? There is NO judgement in the question. Total curiosity. How have you changed? What facilitated the change? What is it about the change that makes keeping this book available impossible?

    I must say that when an author pulls a book because of changes, my first inclination is to think: oh, he/she has some new insight. Since you are an author and human being whose path I respect, I want to hear how your path has changed with new insight! Or, it’s all about something else. I am willing to welcome that, too. Blessings, friend.

    • To be completely honest with you and myself, Bob —

      I’m not sure I can describe it.

      Everything I believe and understand is changing, putting me alternately into states of joy, concern and crisis. I thought I knew my place in life and the universe, but I am only one tiny speck on the wind. A single dandelion seed, and although I know I am soaring, I have no thought on where I’ll land or what propels me.

      I know only that fate and choice, at a certain moment, become one.

  3. I’m not sure that I agree with the decision to take it down Drew. I’m sure there are several factors that led you to the decision to take this book off the virtual shelf. However I am also sure that you’ve thought this through including any arguments that I could put forth.

    If anything, perhaps extend the date in which the book is available. Give it say 30 days before you take it down. Give people the time to get to their next viable paycheck to purchase the book before it becomes available.

    . . . of coarse this is all part of the fact that I have not purchased the book and missed these posts indicating that you were taking it down.

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