Andre Sólo, New Orleans

A Dream

Photo by Milad Gheisari

I died and I was buried.

Except I was not dead. I woke up in the sarcophagus, in a mausoleum. It had been sealed from the outside. I had seen the funeral that Saumya and others held; I saw the offerings that they made. I knew they were outside, and they knew I was within.

I believe they knew I was not dead. But there I was.

I opened the sarcophagus and stepped down into the mausoleum. It was large and roomy. I didn’t mind being there. I didn’t feel trapped or lost, but I was unsure where to go.

I walked its little hall. Tall stone walls, with tiny windows at the top. For fun and to scare the people outside, I pounded on these windows. I knew they would not open the door for me, and I didn’t want them to.

I walked to the end of the mausoleum. I’m not sure what I found.

I don’t attach psychic or prophetic significance to dreams. This one woke me up and remains clear in my mind. It feels important, whether it is or not.

Want to hazard an interpretation?


24 thoughts on “A Dream

  1. Fascinating dream. I don’t interpret others’ dreams, but I can ask questions. The question that comes to mind as I read your account: who are “they” outside the mausoleum, and what spells/rituals did they do to put and keep you there? I mean: who/what are they in your waking life?

    It’s my experience that dreams don’t tell us things we already know.

    • “They” definitely included at least one friend I know by name, but seemed to be a larger group. There were no spells, they just held a funeral for me (apparently I was in a coma or…?) and then interred me as one would normally do. Except that at least some of them knew I wasn’t really dead.

      It’s my experience that dreams don’t tell us things we already know.

      Funny, I parsed this as “things we DON’T already know” and had to read it a couple of times to get it. I expected the opposite.

  2. nickiofcourse says:

    Of course what I’m going to say is complete bullshit (unless it’s not) and doesn’t mean anything at all (unless it does), but maybe sometimes more than other times (? that could also be wrong) you are very aware of the part of your Adventure that is public. If you were any of us, your readers, you might look at yourself and feel like you are “performing” a little bit. Let’s see what the Brave Adventurer Will Do Next! We wait to see what will happen, what you will do, what your perceptions regarding your experiences are. And I am probably wrong about this also (I’m the best ever at being incorrect!) but maybe there are times when you feel Utterly Alone, like the world is merely watching you. You’re on your “own” , you are making your own decisions, sometimes you might not be sure what to do or where to go next or what the next best idea to put into action is.
    Or maybe it’s the wish for some peace and quiet, a safe place to be so you can figure things out without taking in everyone else’s ideas about what you should be doing or how. Or maybe it’s your inner knowing of the personal power you (each of us) has, as in “Since you guys are watching, see what I can do?” <—the scaring them by showing them you are alive part.
    OR- and this is the most likely one…you need to poop. Either way, good morning!

  3. MercyFire says:

    It is almost winter here in Minnesota and my Eldest Aunt reminded me of something on my last visit. She, my mother and my Youngest Aunt spend the year tending their gardens from spring seedlings to autumn harvests. And now the earth is left to rest for the winter, and now the three sisters can be found in their favorite chairs sewing, knitting, and reading. If you have ever listened to Garrison Keillor’s tales of Wobegon, you know that these are hardy folk I am descended from who prize industry.
    In the death of the year which heralds winter they are content to lay down spades and rakes and take up the crafts which see the family gathered in the home. They call each other to assure themselves each family is safe and well provisioned. And through the years my best memories are of snowy entombments which shut out the outside world and confined my wanderings to the house and the company of my family.
    Perhaps you have dreamed of winter and are content, as I am, to welcome it.

  4. The sarcophagus could mean loss or feelings of vulnerability, and you are leaving those feelings behind by stepping out of it and into the mausoleum, which is a place of contentment and calm. You have left behind the insecurities of who you might be, and are comfortable with who you have become. Those who you sense outside are the aspects of your personality that you have left behind in order to become your most authentic self. They are present, but they are not visible because you have moved on. The doors have been shut because you have no further need of them, and are looking forward with conviction.

  5. Sounds kind of like being a seed in the ground. Well, you’re letting yourself take a break from being the adventurer who’s always on the road, giving yourself a winter for the gestation of your writing… seems like a reminder that you’re in fallow time.

  6. To me what come to mind is you have a decision to make, and it will decide which course your life will take. In other words, a big decision.

    I suck at interpreting most dreams, but this came to me like a voice.

  7. emptyowe says:

    Listen to Josh Ritter’s song “The Curse”. Not really similar. But somehow this reminded me of it.

    Sent from my Rotary Phone

  8. Rua Lupa says:

    Want to hazard an interpretation?

    You ate something you shouldn’t have before falling asleep?

    (I am oh so very tempted to use much more flowery language, but will refrain for not wanting to highly offend when I just want to jest. Would totally let loose were I asked this question in person)

    In all seriousness though, I think you simply had death on the brain and when asleep were thinking of how that would all go if that did happen. And dreams tend to take your subconscious associations to a whole new level.

      • Rua Lupa says:

        what were you thinking of? It may have had an association with death that on the surface didn’t look like it would *shrugs* I know that that sometimes happens with me on all sorts of topics.

  9. Sharla says:

    I agree with e(m), the key is what it means to *you*, not the reader. I have a couple ideas, but by sharing them, it might influence you. So I think you should ask yourself a few more questions, perhaps do some word associations with key elements of the dream: sarcophagus, mausoleum, funeral, death, being alone, etc. Also, you mentioned one person by name, but did you recognize anyone else? Were they people that you have seen recently, long to see soon, or perhaps will never see again? What do they mean to you? You know that you didn’t want to be let in, but why? And why did you knock on the windows?
    Write all of it down and see if you can notice any pattern or something that seems to bind it all together. And pay attention to how you’re feeling as you’re doing this. Write those emotions down too.
    Hey, if nothing else, you might end up with a fascinating little short story or piece of creative writing! :)
    PS, if you really want, I can share my ideas with you, but I think that you should work through this process first.

    • Thanks Sharla! This is actually really helpful. I’ve been doing some meditating on this and developing some answers of my own.

      That said, if you do want to share your own ideas (either here or by email) I’d like that.

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