Andre Sólo, Spotlight

My Inappropriate Interview


Every once in a while I get asked to do an interview, which blows my mind because in my head I’m still the philosophy student with the improper beard who can’t even get a grant to go map long-lost stone circles.

I don’t always link out to interviews here… but this one was kind of special.

When Ryan Carey of the Inappropriate Thesaurus sent me the interview questions, I almost changed my mind. It seemed like a trap. The first one was about whether I like to suffer and the second one was about the sexo.

I put the interview aside for a long time.

When I finally went back, I realized that the questions weren’t traps at all. (Well, one was.) They were actually the most insightful questions I can remember being asked—partly because they’re not normal interview fare.

You can check it out here: My Inappropriate Interview

Thanks for being persistent, Ryan. (Also, I agree about Breaking Bad.)


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