Andre Sólo, Spotlight

The Best Questions Ever Asked

Considering that I’m not a major author, I get asked to do a surprising number of interviews. Most of these I don’t highlight here. They always ask the same questions—stuff you already know the answers to.

But sometimes it’s different.

Tal Gur asked some of the best questions I’ve ever been asked. Tal believes in the “zero to hero” approach to life and has devoted himself to learning how to accomplish seemingly impossible goals. Part of how he learns is through the stories of people out on journeys to try to wrangle their dreams.

He asks me, for instance, about how exactly I find clients and work along the way. He asked me a question I couldn’t find an answer to about the connection between art and spirit. And he is the first person who’s ever gotten me to describe my morning routine.

What I thought would be a quick 20 minute email interview ended up taking two weeks. Thanks for the great questions, Tal, and if any of you want to put your rogue priest under a microscope go here.


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