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How this No Facebook thing will work

As all readers should know by now I’m leaving Facebook. That has resulted in a lot of questions (What will I use instead? What happens to the Rogue Priest page?) and rightly so. Today I have answers.

Here’s the short version of the plan.

  • I’ve already increased my Twitter usage. Twitter has long been my favorite social media, because it has highest quality shares and I make more meaningful connections there.
  • I will continue to use FB through July. I want to make sure everyone knows about the switch, and has time to follow me on Twitter if they choose, before I pull the plug.
  • There will be reminders. I apologize for the overload—I want to be sure everyone gets the message. Any easy solution if you don’t want to see all these reminders would be to unlike my Facebook and follow me on Twitter (grin!).
  • No Google+. There are a lot of ways that Google+ outperforms Facebook, but both do essentially the same thing (and I’m not interested). Plus, I’m trying to slim down my social media, not bloat it out. Keep Twitter, ditch FB, add nothing new.
  • My FB accounts will never vanish. But they will go silent. August 1, my profiles will say I don’t check them (and I won’t); they will direct you elsewhere.
  • There will still be a Facebook share button on every post. I don’t use Facebook, but I’m not trying to tell others what to use. Facebook remains popular and you can still “share” my work to FB with the click of a button.
  • Now, more than ever, I count on you to share my work. When I promote a post on Facebook my traffic spikes; I’ll have less than half as many readers when I stop. Every time you take a moment to share a post of mine (on any social media of your choosing) it helps widen my audience—and gets more people thinking about adventure in their own life. Please, share my posts whenever you enjoy them.



I’m considering automating some content to my Facebook page. For instance, I could set it up so that all my tweets automatically post there. Likewise, I can have WordPress automatically share new blog posts there. (It’s not as pretty when they auto-share, but it works.)

That would be nice for my readers who still like FB, but it would also create the false impression that my account is active. When new people find it I’d much rather they notice it’s dormant and follow the link to where I really am. So it’s a tough choice.

(Your thoughts on this choice welcome—leave a comment and tell me what you think.)


I realize that many people don’t use Twitter or don’t want to try it. There’s a common belief that people only tweet about their breakfasts (seriously?). I find that to be generally untrue, and I find way better stuff there than any other network I’ve used. I’ll write a post soon about how I use Twitter and how to get the most out of it, in case you want to give it a try. 

Here are two of my tweets from this week:



Not very breakfasty. Once again feel free to follow me. Otherwise, I’ll see you Wednesday.


7 thoughts on “How this No Facebook thing will work

  1. Re: setting up Twitter and WP to automatically post on Facebook… If you edit your About section on Facebook to clearly state you are not present, though your posts are, and you can be found on Twitter and WP, it might serve your purposes.

    I would take any and all advice you might offer about successfully using Twitter. *browses off to make sure TIFM is following RP*

  2. thalassa says:

    I agree with Meg, I think that auto-posting to FB and cross-posting Twitter and FB while leaving a message in your About section is the best way to support those users that are mainly FB users, while still being honest about the fact that you aren’t there.

  3. I ditto the sentiments above. As much as social media has infiltrated our lives, I try to only use Facebook (and LinkedIn as my work needs it). I have been avoiding Twitter like a bad illness. I think many people that I follow on Facebook seem to auto post from Twitter and their blogs and I find it just as engaging as if they were present.

    What you might do is see if you can disable comments on your posts. I don’t know if your settings allow it, but since you won’t be on to “engage” with your Facebook followers, that might be best. Just a thought.

    I just found your blog and I am looking forward to following it, via FB actually from a repost from Teo Bishop, but I did subscribe via email so I won’t miss it. Thanks for sharing and being present and purposeful in your online presence.

    • Thanks Laura. Great idea about disabling comments – that’s very smart. I wish I could set up an auto-responder for direct messages too, but I don’t think FB supports it.

  4. I follow you on newsletters to my e-mail and haven’t really followed you, or others really, on facebook ever. I like it that way and won’t notice the change over.

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