I Like Organized Religion

Photo by Eva Ekeblad.

“I don’t like organized religion.”


There are many ways to organize something. Good and bad ways.

The alternative is disorganized religion. I’ve seen it and it’s really worse.

When you have 10 or 20 people who all want the same thing, who want to do something meaningful, it’s a shame if they can’t organize. Not organized means: no one coordinates or plans, the ones best suited to leading are afraid to be leaders, the rest are anti-authoritarian and lash out at any suggestion no matter how good.

That’s not an improvement.

Organized is helpful. Goddamn Vodou is an organized religion, and it’s just about the most open-minded and friendly thing you will ever encounter.

I love organized religion.


6 thoughts on “I Like Organized Religion

    • I guess the tiebreaker is when the organization is top-down vs. bottom-up. This is what I say too.

      And I don’t know who you are, Rua Lupa, but I enjoy your name, your gravatar, and your answer, and I think you’re doing a good job of thinking, writing, and using technology, especially for a wolf.

      • Lol. Thank you ^_^

        I had been more often seen with Canids than not for most of my years, especially in my formative years, so considered myself akin to a red haired wolf in that way – being part of the pack, just as we’ve adopted Canids into our social groups. I am still very much human, just have an expanded sense of family. As I’m sure many households with canine family members do. Mind you I don’t consider all Canids close family members, just ones that were adopted in and was adopted by. Just like there are humans that are complete strangers and ‘not family’ there are canines that are strangers and ‘not family’ in terms of social grouping. That said, all life is still a very large extended family – biologically speaking.

        And yes, I am the founder of a collaborative/bottom-up philosophy/belief system/path – that being Ehoah

        It is a quite a journey and an exciting one to see how it unfolds.

  1. Michael says:

    To state what I fear is too obvious, when people express disapproval of organized religion, they are, as a general rule, speaking not only out of a distaste for conformity and petty rules-loving social structures, but with an awareness of the too-frequent atrocities these religions have committed or encouraged in the name of God–and of the essential dishonesties the main organized religions are based upon…in claiming to know what they do not responsibly know, about matters supernatural.

    • You’re totally correct Michael. What I’m concerned about is the part that’s less obvious: by (wrongly) choosing the phrase “organized religion” they’re lumping in thousands of religions that aren’t rules-heavy, aren’t atrocity-causing, and aren’t dishonest.

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