Yes, I Will Be There In Person

I’ll be speaking at the first-ever Hero Round Table (or as I call it “The Hero Conference”) in early November. And to everyone’s surprise—including my own—that means I’ll be there in person.

Due to being in the middle of a multi-thousand mile bike expedition, originally I agreed to speak at the Round Table via video connection. But recently I’ve taken side trips by motorized vehicle, and the sky hasn’t fallen on my head just yet. So, even though I’m still pushing on toward Texas and Mexico, in November I will fly to Michigan to present in person.

This is actually very exciting for me, because the speakers include both longtime friends (some whom I’ve never met in person) and a number of people I really admire, whom I’d never get to meet otherwise—certainly not all in one place. Check out the speaker list to see what I mean.

While some of the speakers have impressive academic or professional credentials, I’ll be speaking on heroism purely from the perspective of my experiences traveling and pushing myself to my limits. My hope is that a front-lines perspective will challenge some of the more established ideas about heroism (you can see my abstract here).

If you’d like to see me talk, and get a chance to meet in person—not to mention meet some of the world’s greatest minds on the topic of heroism—I hope you’ll consider registering.

Of course, if you’re worried about the ticket price ($325, which includes three meals and a T-shirt) then you can also enter to win a free ticket.

To enter, you just have to take simple actions like tweeting about the conference or liking the Hero Round Table on Facebook. You can enter five different ways, for a pretty decent shot at a free ticket (yes, you enter all five ways if you want!). Enter here before 9/16!

Of course, you can also just go ahead and register.

If any Rogue Priest readers decide to go, let me know so we can meet up!


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