Andre Sólo, Spotlight

Under a Tide

The last week has been rough.

Now that I’m off the bike it’s nonstop work. Client work is part of it (not a lot of writing time on the bicycle), but I’m also getting ready for the Hero Round Table. I spent the last five days rush-finishing a special preview edition of Heart of Adventure, my book of the philosophy of adventure, that will only be available to conference attendees. (You can still register, if you move quick!)

At the same time I’m facing personal struggles. That means that this week, I don’t have a proper dispatch for you—no heartfelt essay and no story from the front line of the Adventure. This may quite possibly be the first time I’ve ever missed my once-a-week publishing schedule, and I promise to resume as soon as possible.

For right now, I can recommend three terrific blogs that you might like instead, each of them thought-provoking in their own way.

Tressie. Tressie is a sociologist who studies education and inequality. I only recently discovered her work, but that link takes you to a very personal essay about poor people buying expensive clothing—for good reason.

edit: That’s actually not the link I meant to post for Tressie. Here’s the one I meant.

Fly Brother. A traveler and a literature professor, Ernest White II also happens to be a passionate advocate for his fellow Black Americans to get a passport and travel.

Ari Kohen. Ari is my daily dose of political reading. He’s also one of the best and clearest voices on the topic of heroism.

Thanks as always for reading, everyone. I’ll be back to my usual schedule soon. For now, tonight is the most important holiday of the year for me and I hope you’ll all join me in celebrating Hallowe’en, Day of the Dead and all the other great holidays that grew out of blessed Samhain.


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