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How Do Journeys Make Heroes? (Watch live)

Photo used with permission from Matt Langdon.

This weekend you can watch me live at the Hero Round Table, where I’ll present travel as a real-life tool for creating heroes.

This is probably my least popular idea. Most people don’t travel that much, and they think they could never afford to do so. That makes heroism sound awfully exclusive.

But I believe a journey is a powerful practice to rapidly develops heroic qualities. And I know firsthand that even people with very little money can go on a long journey. In my talk I hope to make this practice more accessible, so that even people with families, obligations and limited budgets can consider taking a journey of their own.

I’ll also offer my argument for exactly why I believe travel creates heroes, with parallels both in other types of training practices and in the heroic legends themselves.

I speak Saturday, November 9 at 1:30 CST / 2:30 EST. You can watch my complete talk for free at (It will be right there on the main page, which will have a live stream of all talks starting Saturday morning).

Note: I originally announced the time slot as 1:45. It was changed.

Since it’s live, you’ll need to catch it exactly at 1:30 CST. It’s a short 12 minutes. If you miss it, it will be available but not for several weeks. This is without a doubt the most important milestone of my career and I hope all of you will join me in whatever way you can.

I welcome questions and will create a Q&A blog post that goes live here when the talk starts.


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