Heart of Adventure: Limited Edition

I’ve been working on a secret project.

In May I wrote an entire book in 24 hours. Then I rewrote it. And rewrote it again. It’s the book many of you have been asking me to write for two years: my book about Adventure.

And I have a special preview edition ready to ship.

Heart of Adventure is a manual for those who believe we can do great things—that each of us can become greater than ourselves. It is the first ever book on the philosophy of adventure, a practice that will take you far from comfort and safety but ultimately offer you an unshakable confidence.

“Every adventure begins with Fear…”

Not everyone is meant to adventure, and some of us find our adventures at home. But a rare few feel restless, feel called to leave home and wander. Where does this call come from? Why does a stable life with a job and family sometimes feel so hollow? And what exactly happens when you decide to take the risk and go?

Adventure is difficult, but it will completely reshape you.

Heart of Adventure Preview_front cover jpg

By October I had a new draft of Heart of Adventure, one I was truly happy with. But would anyone else like it? I had to give it to real readers and find out. All Hallowe’en week I worked night and day to finish, format and publish a special preview edition.

One day before I spoke, a box of freshly printed paperbacks arrived at the Hero Round Table conference. Opening the box made me smile.

I gave the books to Round Table attendees on a free donation basis, with only one request: tell me what you think. The book includes an invitation to critique and discuss it, so you get to shape the final edition before it goes to press. It proved to be a popular item, but I did walk away with a few copies left.

Now is your chance to get one of those books. There are about 1 dozen remaining, available first come, first served.

“I awoke under two trees, squatting illegally on an abandoned farm, covered in bug bites and dried sweat, with equipment that worked poorly and no one to love me…”

Get Heart of Adventure now at your choice of price:

This edition is paperback, 50 pages, 5×8″. I can’t wait to hear what you think.


Please share your thoughts?

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