Get an Autographed Heart of Adventure

Heart of Adventure Preview_front cover jpg

I’m surprised to say there are still some copies of my book left. 6 of them, to be exact.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like out on the road, this is my attempt at an answer. There’s a fear, a thrill, and a sense of awe when you leave your home behind. And if you struggle long enough, there is a sense of purpose and revelation.

Here’s a sample:

Because life, for all its goodness, goes to vinegar in the end. Can you hoard this? Can you keep it in your hands? Your blood is yours to spend, and like no other currency, if you choose to save it you lose it all the same.

That is why heroes bide no fear—not because they’re sure to win, but because they’ve made their pact with mortality.

This is a special limited edition paperback. It includes an invitation to share your critique and help shape the final manuscript. You can buy it for any price you choose:

I’d like to see all of these go to a good home. Act quick!


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