Lúnasa Days

Lúnasa Days is Launching Soon

So guess what’s happening this week…

Lúnasa Days

My first novella, Lúnasa Days, will finally be out. It took more than a year of work but I believe it’s a work of art I can be proud of.

Here’s some back cover blurbage:

Drew Jacob’s inspiring novella has captured a season that is both beautiful and barren. Lúnasa Days follows an unlikely magician named Bailey who gives up his career to chase after a lifelong dream.

Setting off with only a bicycle, he finds himself in the American heartland as the corn crop fails. Farmers and their families demand the stranger’s help, but Bailey has lost his faith in his own magic charms.

Enchanting and deeply human, the story of Bailey conjures a force that runs through all of us: the quest for a life purpose.

Those of you who became Patrons of Lúnasa Days should have received your advance copy last night—check your inbox! For the rest of the world it may be out as early as this weekend, in both Kindle and paperback editions. I’ll make an announcement when it is. I hope you’ll pick up a copy.

Of course, once you do I’ll ask you to write a review to help boost sales…

Can’t wait to get my new book? Maybe you should grab one of the last three copies of my Heart of Adventure preview.


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