Lúnasa Days

The Lúnasa Days Paperback

If you don’t live on a bicycle like me, chances are good that you have have a shelf where you can place actual, physical books, and that you might enjoy doing this. So I have good news for you: my book Lúnasa Days is now available in paperback!

Now in paperback.

I always have a hard time answering when someone asks me what the book’s about, but after writing about 75 review requests, I’ve got at least a general idea of how to explain it: it’s a modern day literary fantasy about the search for a purpose in life. Lúnasa Days paints magic as a subtle, uncertain force that’s hidden in everyday actions.

There is also sex.

It will take a few days for the paperback to migrate over to the Amazon page (where it will join the Kindle edition) but you can be sneaky-sneaky and grab it anyway.




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