Lúnasa Days

Last chance to get Lúnasa Days for free


Today is the last day you can get my book Lúnasa Days for free. Grab it here.

Lúnasa Days has spent two of the last three days in the #1 spot in Fantasy on the Kindle free store, and it also took #2 in Literary. It remains high on the Top 10 in both those categories. (For the record, it’s that “Literary” slot that means the most to me personally; I was touched to see it climb that list).

Here’s an excerpt from a reader review:

With short sentences that take you to the point immediately and keep the story interesting at every page, Drew Jacob takes us on a personal journey via the character of Bailey: his discovery of spiritual work and magic, his trials at an ordinary life (9 to 5 job anyone?) that he quickly leaves behind in pursuit of his extraordinary (because intimate) voyage into the ordinary lives of ordinary people who do not believe in magic yet are touched by it in their times of need.

Drew’s writing style is a masterpiece of using the right words at the right time that convey thoughts and emotions despite an almost complete lack of description. His protagonists come to life with a humanity that is refreshingly familiar (you will recognize some of your neighbors in these people) and makes for a cast of characters that are thoroughly enjoyable.

I enjoyed reading this book and cannot wait for the rest of the journey…

Lúnasa Days is free on Kindle right now, but that ends around midnight tonight and then it will go back to its normal price. Of course, I don’t mind if you’d rather spend cash on it, but why not grab it while it’s free?

(There is also a paperback version, if you prefer physical books.)

Last, if you really want to make my day please consider putting the link on your Facebook wall and tell your friends. Thank you for your help.


7 thoughts on “Last chance to get Lúnasa Days for free

    • Jim, I know you’re a regular reader so I know this isn’t spam, but if I didn’t know who you are I might have thought otherwise.

      To other readers: I can vouch that Jim’s link is a real app offered officially by Amazon.com, and in fact I use that app myself to read Kindle books on my laptop.

      • Jim Peterson says:

        Sorry for the scare — just got to thinking last day and all — and some of us don’t have Kindles yet . . . maybe now we’ll never have to get one (smiles). I think the Cloud will be offering more and more options soon — very nice for those of us who want to remain highly mobile.

        • Very true. I like Calibre too, a great program I mainly use to read iBooks on my non-Mac, but it also reads Kindle files. Thank you for putting the Cloud Reader out there :)

    • YES! Finally the streak is broken :)

      Kali, if you don’t mind my asking, what did you think of the love scene between the two main characters toward the end? So far, all other female LTQ readers found it coercive and forced… hetero men and women seem not to see that. Any thoughts?

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