Why I’m Removing Posts from My Blog

I’ve run over 400 posts on Rogue Priest. I’m about to prune that down to a much smaller number.

Like any writer, I don’t always love my earlier work. Some older articles remain important parts of my philosophy or tell part of my story—but many don’t. That’s why I’ve gone through everything from the beginning and tagged 75 posts for removal.

Just because a post is tagged for pruning doesn’t mean it’s a bad post or that I no longer agree with it. In some cases that’s true, but others promote products (which I no longer do) or take a tone I don’t like. My voice has, I’d like to believe, matured a lot since 2010.

But the majority of these posts will be pruned simply because they are completely off topic for the main themes of this blog, which are:

  • Living a life of adventure and travel
  • Becoming a writer
  • Exploring religious traditions
  • Practicing formal philosophy and making it applicable to real life
  • Heroism

Chances are, if an older post doesn’t directly relate to one of those five topics, I’ve decided to take it off the site.

None of the posts have been removed yet. I realize I have fans out there who might like some of these old posts more than I do, and I didn’t want to prune them off without warning.

Worried a favorite post of yours will disappear? You have 7 days to save it to your own computer. You can see all of the posts in question under the “Pruning” tag here: Posts to be Pruned

Although it may be more fun to see them oldest-first, which you can do by starting here.

All of those posts will disappear Sunday night.


Please share your thoughts?

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